Would You Rather....? (fun)

  1. Would you rather have a gourmet kitchen, or a remodelled bathroom with jacuzzi?[/QUOTE]

    Gourmet kitchen

    Would you rather vacation in Jamaica or France?
  2. France!!!

    Would you rather eat fish or meat in a fancy dinner?
  3. meat

    Would you rather go to a cocktail party in overalls, no makeup, hair in a ponytail....and tennis shoes OR

    Go to the same cocktail party dressed totally 80's?? Sequin dress, large shoulder pads, HUGE hair, obnoxious makeup

    Either way...no explanation can be offered to other partygoers!!!
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    Wow!! That's a had one...I would have to pick overalls no makeup one...80s makeup was just hideous!!!!

    Would you rather be blonde or brunette?
  5. brunette

    Would you rather have french manicure or normal one?
  6. normal manicure

    would you rather join a samba class or classic dance class (like waltz)?
  7. Samba....

    Would you rather stay at home at hang out or do some cross-country trip in a camper?
  8. Stay at home and hang out.
    Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?
  9. read a book
    would you rather go to work with two very different styled flat black shoes (one of each) and have to wear them all day or...
    go to work all day without makeup
  10. Go to work without make up!

    Would you rather go hungry or eat out of date food??
  11. I don't quite understand the question... but I would never go hungry :biggrin:

    Would you rather get wet your self than you bag if you don't have an umbrella when raining or cover your self with you bag?
  12. Ummm, deppending on the bag, get myself wet.

    Would you rather eat 100 worms or eat the worst dinner you have ever had?
  13. Worst dinner

    Would you rather visit some annoying friend/relative or do all the chores at your house (cleaning, laundry, dishes, food, etc)
  14. Do chores.

    Would you rather lose both your legs or both your arms?
  15. My legs

    Would you rather walk of fire or have 1000 needles in your back