Would you rather eat Ice cream out of a bowl or cone?

  1. Unless its a waffle cone I'll take a bowl.
  2. If i had to choose I would say sugar cone.
  3. Bowl..cones are messy.
  4. Bowl. I can't be bothered with cones. They're too drippy and messy.

    I do like those cone sundaes, though.
  5. bowl. cones are too messy and I eat slow.
  6. sugar cone!
  7. Wafer cones!
  8. CONE FOR SURE!!! yummmy..
    i like breaking the bottom and sucking the icecream out of it...mmmm
  9. Bowl. I feel guilty eating ice cream as it is and don't need the extra calories from the cones.
  10. Bowl. Mostly because my cones always break or if they're dipped in chocolate it always get's messy. But sometimes I do enjoy eating an Ice cream in a one too :p
  11. Cone!!!
  12. Bowl.
  13. Cone :smile:
  14. bowl
  15. cone. it makes eating ice cream more fun..