Would you rather choose...?

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Would you rather choose:

  1. A vintage jumbo of high quality, unique style but not as popular, also rarer.

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  2. A non vintage jumbo, lower quality, more populuar, easier to find? Not as unique.

    13 vote(s)
  1. Hi, everyone.
    Would you rather choose, for a similar price point?
    -A vintage jumbo in impeccable condition, easy to find, and unique style, higher quality, but (not as popular)?
    -A non-vintage jumbo that is hard to find, but suits your skin tone a bit more, not as high quality, but more popular style?

    I see two styles that I like.
    Option B flatter my skin tones a bit more, but both don't look bad at all on me.
  2. Could you provide pictures? It's a little hard to see, because I feel like it depends on the exact bag. So many details could be different just given your descriptions. :/
  3. Unfortunately, I don't have a specific bag with picture but I was basically deciding between a diamond quilt (non-vintage, medium quality, common style) versus a horizontal quilt (vintage, high quality, rare style).
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