*Would YOU Rather Be FAMOUS or RICH*

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Which one would you rather be?


  2. RICH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. There are advantages and disadvantages to being either rich or famous.
    Which one would you rather be? Please take the poll and share your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. I would def pick rich over famous. Being rich you have still have some type of anonymity. Plus famous people seem to be pretty screwed up!:lol:
  3. my thoughts exactly!
  4. Famous. but not as an actress, I'd just want to be a famous IT girl, so I can sit front row at fashion shows, and have unflattering pictures taken of me when I go get my morning coffee. :-P

    I think it would be fun, and I'd eventually just dissapear from the public eye.
  5. My thoughts exactly. Although, I am pretty screwed up already, so that's not really the issue.;)
  6. I'd rather be rich than famous. I'd hate to be chased by paparazzi and have my mug plastered all over US Magazine and other celebrity tabloids. I'd hate not being able to take a piss without someone looking over the stall, trying to get an autograph or a photo :suspiciou Just give me the money! :nuts:
  7. Healthy !!!! without that you dont have anything.
  8. Rich! But I agree with you^^^, health is my #1 priority!!!
  9. Show me the money!!! I wouldn't like being famous...I know how bad I look in the morning & I'm sure that's the picture that would make the cover of People magazine :smile:
  10. Rich! I would hate having to try to act perfect and not being able to go wild because I'd be too scared the paparazzi would be lurking.
  11. Rich.....so I can buy all the bags I want in peace (no cameras or paparazzi giving me an uncomfortable experience).
  12. I wouldn't want to be famous, but I'll take rich anyday! :biggrin:
  13. Rich, I like my anonimity. I also hate having my picture taken.
  14. Healthy and rich!
  15. Definitely rich :biggrin: Famous could go either way...depending on what one is famous for.