would you rather a vernis lexington or an epi pochette accessories?

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  1. My everyday needs when I'm not going to class and just either going to work or going out would be razr like samsung, ipod nano, a lipgloss, and of course my cles and ludlow! So which would better fit my needs? When I went to the lv store yesterday I wasn't able to try either of them on, so any help is greatly appreciated! :heart:
  2. I love the Lexington..I think the Epi pochette is even smaller than the Lex. I can't be sure but I'd definitely go for a Pomme or Framboise Lexington.
  3. I agree with Rebecca...............a framboise lexington is TDF!! :drool:
  4. I'd go for the Vernis Lexington.
  5. Vernis Lexington all the way! I'd go for rouge or fuchsia!

    Hmmm, Epi just doesn't get my engine started in the Pochette size. JMO.

  6. thanks for your suggestions ladies! Thats good to hear about the vernis being slightly bigger, for I thought it may be the opposite, and that was my major drawback. Thanks again!
    GLL: those are FABULOUS!!
  7. i agree..lexington!!!!
  8. Vernis Lexington gets my vote
  9. both of them are gorgeous, but i pick VERNIS! :biggrin:
  10. I have both and I think the lexington is smaller than the epi ... let me see if I can find my pic.
  11. Yeah, here are pics ... mallory square, epi, lexington



  12. go for the lexington!
  13. I like the lexington. Looks more expensive too :yes:
  14. I like the epi much better! For some reason, the lexington doesn't appeal to me.
  15. i alway thought the epi is bigger and i think it opens easier so may be better for you to get things in and out of