Would you rather: 35 Birkin or 2 Cartier LOVE bracelets?

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Would you rather

  1. Birkin 35

    28 vote(s)
  2. 2 Cartier LOVE bracelets (or some other variation)

    32 vote(s)
  1. #1 Dec 9, 2018
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    I am really not feeling my red B35. :-s It sits on my dresser like a shrine but I don't wear it outside. B35's are so heavy that the only way I'd wear one is if I loved the leather, color and hardware combination and unfortunately, this beautiful bag just does not make me swoon. If I were to let it go, it would really have to be in exchange for something special, like a family vacation to Japan or Europe or an item I would want to wear all the time and could still pass on to my daughter.

    I tried on a yellow gold Cartier LOVE bracelet when they were "only" $4k and liked it very much. I think it would look sublime with the gold on gold B35 I'm anticipating.

    What would be your preference? B35 or 2 LOVE bracelets? For those of you that have both, what do you wear more often?
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  2. I didn't post those 2 angel emojis. Don't know where they came from or how to make them go away haha
  3. If you do not love your bag, easy decision. I’d go with things I will love and use everyday!
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  4. I would choose a family vacation over 2 Bracelets. Or perhaps family vacay + 1 bracelet.

    I don’t know about others but the love rides up my arm during the night and cuts off my circulation sometimes. It’s not bad, but it can wake me up and I have to adjust it. LOL I cannot imagine 2 of them doing that
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  5. I agree! I think even a preloved yellow gold LOVE + family vacation would be a worthy trade since I only want the yellow gold LOVE for now. My red B35 was special because I got it at EU price with my daughter and I love clemence, but what good is it if I don't love it 100%. My husband jokes that if/when I pass it down to DD she will say, "Thanks, mom. I know how much this meant to you." :biggrin:

    Is your LOVE your size or did you size up?
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  6. I think you should sell the bag if you are not using it -- might as well get something that you will actually enjoy, including possibly a vacation.

    I think it's not easy to choose between a bag and a piece of jewelry and it's a matter of what your wardrobe needs. If you actually need a bag, then no amount of bracelets would help there :smile: Similarly, I love jewelry, but I don't really wear bracelets much as I find they get in the way when using my laptop. I have several nice pieces, although not the Love bracelet, that are just sitting in my jewelry box. So from that standpoint, I would rather have a bag if, say, given a choice of either for a gift.

    I can certainly see a sentimental value of a bracelet / piece of jewelry as an heirloom. Having said that, there is no guarantee that the intended recipient will have the same wrist size and same taste and jewelry.
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  7. Good advice, @AnnaE! i hadn't thought about her future wrist size.
  8. It’s my size. I tried on 16 and 17 and the 16’s bolts poked me too much.
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  9. sell if its been sitting on the shelf collecting dust.
  10. I have two Bs and two love cuffs and wear them much more often than Bs. Sell the B: apparently there is no love any more. The way to spend the money will come naturally. Good luck! ;)
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  11. I made the angels fly away
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  12. I don't know if I would buy the two LOVE bracelets, but I'm sure I wouldn't keep a bag I don't use. You'll find the perfect for you.
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  13. Sell the bag and keep the money for a while. Then you can decide what to do with it once you're sure. The family vacation idea sounds great!
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  14. I love these sorts of topics because I find myself debating this or that in all facets of luxury purchases. I don’t know the answer however I had a similar dilemma a while back when I was determined to buy a Cartier love bracelet. Got to the store Tried it on and it was gorgeous. But knowing that I don’t half arse anything (this consumer mind is warped so pls don’t read too much into this last statement lol) i managed to convince myself that 1 love bracelet would look lonely and wanna be-ish and that I need at least 2 to be all copacetic- I.e go hard or go home right? So I thought 1 rose gold and 1 white gold - boom the dream combo. Then I stepped back and was look woah? $13k+ on one wrist just because? Hmmmm that’s a bit much and actually too much for me. Plus these bracelets are meant to sit permanently around the wrists as in they are not the type that you wear in the morning take off before you go to the gym or something. So I was like nah...I don’t like the idea of everyone knowing how much I got stacked up wrists. So I settled of a nice Cartier watch for the price of one bracelet. I couldn’t pull that trigger on two bracelets even though I would on a Birkin then if It was my first.

    Now if I were to decide between 2 Cartier love bracelets vs 1 Birkin today (keep in mind I already have 3 birkins) Honestly I’d go with the love bracelets and that’s because I can get an everyday use out of them and worst case scenarios if I’m trying to make them inconspicuous, I can choose to wear long sleeves. unlike the Birkin which honestly I just can seem to carry as an everyday bag because it may be perceived as too much at least in my line of work where people are conservative. I guess Utility is gradually becoming a deciding factor for my luxury purchases these days .
  15. I would definitely let it go and book a holiday straight away, in fact I have done it before and all these times I feel soooo good chillaxing on a bag that I don’t appreciate.
    My partner really wanted to get me the love bracelet before and I’ve been hesitant, I don’t like the idea of being “locked” by a bracelet that I can’t take off, and after a while I’m sure the novelty will wear off as it collects more scratches. I also feel like maybe I should get other pieces from Cartier, perhaps a necklace?
    Personally I would go for another bag or a holiday or both, scoring a H bag while ON holiday!
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