Would you put your LV on the floor?

  1. I have seen many posts about people being horrified to see other LV owners putting their bags on the floor/ground/carpet, etc. and I kind of get that Lvs are expensive and all, but isn;t that a little too careful?

    Handbags are meant to be used--I also don't get people who "save" their LVs or other high-end bags for "special occasions". You spent the money, now enjoy using the bag!!!

    Some of the lines/colors I would never put on the floor, but the mono, the damier, cerise, MC--the ones with the wipeable coated canvas--what's the big deal?
  2. I don't know, but I wouldn't put my bags on the floor.
  3. There's use and there's abuse. Using your bags with care and pride. Abuse is when you don't care about the conditions you are subjecting your bag to.:yuck: I baby all my handbags regardless of brand, especially my LVs have their own dustbag to be set on a chair next to me if going out about town. I would hate to think about the germs besides the dirt that accummulates on my bag from setting it in a foreign place other than on a pillow top or it's own cabinet in my bedroom.:p
  4. i agree lushbaby. i put mine on the floor. i don't have a problem with it.
  5. Yes, I do but only for my whatever-bags (ie BH and Saleya GM). I don't care about them AT ALL! I just went under the pouring rain the day before yesterday, walked for almost 1/2 hour with no umbrella, and it doesn't bother me at all.
    However, for my other bags, I'm very careful :yes:
  6. I will put some of my bags on the floor in a pinch, bags are meant to be used. I kind of get upset when someone says that putting it on the floor is a sign that the bag is fake, not everybody babies their bags. Special bags & delicate bags get babied, but mono & damier not so much.
    I am however, very good at balancing my mandarin speedy on my toes...no way will she ever hit the floor!!
  7. I admit I do put my speedy on the floor. But I am careful - I don't put it on a bathroom floor or someplace gross. Sometimes you have no choice but to put it down. I like that I am more relaxed with it now. I am very careful with it though most of the time.
  8. Hmmm, I kinda understand not wanting to put an expensive anything on the ground. There are so many germs and who knows what on the floor of public places.
    I was at a restaurant recently and i brought my new Mono Speedy and didn't know what to do with it! You can't really hang it on a chair... so i tucked it under my chair. Is that what most of you do with your speedys when you go out to eat?
  9. I'm guilty of putting my bags on the floor.

    *looks behind me at my Spy resting on the floor*
  10. If you have ever touched a door handle, seatback, clothing hangar, etc. in a public place & then touched your bag[impossible not to do] then your bag is already full of germs. Not setting it on the floor won't keep germs off of a bag, life is full of germs.
  11. I do sometimes, only if they're pretty used or the bottom doesn't have vachetta. I put my Batignolles on the floor ONCE in a restaurant and I had my eyes on it the whole time!

    I see people come into the restaurant I work at and they leave their bags on the floor. Last week, a lady had a Damier Naviglio and she pretty much just shoved it under the table. Another time a woman had a cabas piano and she also put it on the floor...no WONDER the bottom was SO disgusting!
  12. for me it's almost a sanitary issue...like if i put the bag on the floor, who knows what's been there? germs from everyone's shoes, wiped up food, etc.

    it's actually not the idea that my bag has touched potential germs that bothers me, it's more so that AFTERwards i'd hate to have to watch out where i put my bag because now it could be potentially dirty. like i want to be able to come home, throw off my coat, throw my bag on the bed or wherever, and relax....but once the bag has touched the floor in a public space, i'd actually have to put in the effort (however small) to think of where to put my bag. a little effort to put my bag on the chair when im out saves me more effort later on....kwim? and yeah, germs are everywhere, but there is still a difference in sanitation between the floor and bed/couch/chair and i wouldn't put anything that's been on public floor space on bed/couch chair, whether it's a bag or shoes.
  13. Absolutely! Though I do love them, they're just bags. I prefer to use my belongings rather than treat them so preciously.
  14. It only goes on the floor if there's carpet at a friend or family member's house. Otherwise, it must go on a chair or table, even at a restaurant. If there's no chair, I put it in my lap or I'll sit on the edge of the chair and put it behind me. My MC Speedy is barely a month old, so I must baby it of course.
  15. H3LL NO! My bag goes on my lap, or chair.
    In the car its on the seat beside me, if i have people in the car its between me and the door.