Would you put these on your nails?

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  1. Yess! I think they are great, but I also wouldnt put them on ALL of the nails. On the feet, I would put them just on the big toe then match the other toes with a plain pink colored polish. With the fingers, I would put them on just 2 nails on each hand, maybe the middle and ring finger. Having it on all fingers and toes just look like its "too much" IMHO. I do love them though, actually, where did you get them? I'd love to buy some for myself!

    Also, how long do they last?
  2. They can only be purchased by professionals who have a license, they can last up 2 weeks on the fingers and about 3 weeks on the toes maybe longer, this is my first time trying them out. I just wanted some opinions.
  3. I wouldn't.
  4. I would totally put those on my toes! Probably not every time I had a pedi, but I think they are cute and I'm sure there are many more designs. I wouldn't do the fingernails, but I bet a lot of high school/college girls would!
  5. I would put them on my toes!
  6. I looked at the website for Minx nails, and they do have more subtle designs and solids. Those of you who are having misgivings about the cheetah prints could find something that would suit you better. Having said that, I would love to give these a try.
  7. I personally wouldn't use them, but I also don't go to nail salons lol. I think they are super cute though!! I know alot of people that would definitely use them.
  8. I would wear one on my big toes and have all other toes a matching solid colour. I would not wear them on my fingers.
  9. i would put them on my toes!! Super cute!!
  10. I like them, Lindsay Lohan had a rainbow leopard print that one was nice to.
  11. No, it's not for me.
  12. lol those are kinda fun! i think i would! i think i could pull them off, i like animal prints! but i would NOT wear other animal prints with those on my nails!
  13. I would, they look very convenient and there's a wide variety of designs and colors.
  14. i so would. I love it!