would you put the LVOE phone charm on a non LV bag?

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  1. What about the scarf? I love these peices. I love love , lol. But I dont have any Lv bags, well a pouchette in damier with the gold chain, I love the lockit in white!!! but how can I use these things on my bag if its not an LV. ahhhhhhhhhh
  2. I would, these pieces are too cute to put limits on them! : )
  3. i don't see why not. people always put non lv things on their lv bags (juicy charms, hermes scarves, coach scarves + charms etc).
  4. I would in a heartbeat! So cute!
  5. Yes, definately.
    I have my LVOE bandeau on a brown MJ bag and it looks great.
  6. Of course, as long as it doesn't have any obvious logos itself, I'd definitely do it!
  7. Mixing and matching is always fun! Spice it up I always say!
  8. i would too. :yes:
  9. Yep, this phone charm has no limits for its use IMO. :jammin:
  10. Yah, why not? I do it all the time!
  11. As long as there are no competing logos, go for it.
  12. I think LoVe works everywhere! ;)
  13. only if the bag is plain leather of very good quality. :yes:
  14. Of course mix whatever you want!
  15. Enjoy it! Definitely hang it on other bags.