Would you put non-Pandora beads on your Pandora bracelet?

  1. Well, I started my Pandora bracelet a few months ago (on my Maui honeymoon) and each bead represents something important to me so far....well, cruising eBay, I spotted a few beads that were totally adorable! I bought one after checking out their feedback, the fact their beads were not plated but sterling silver, etc....Its the bead on there with the four stick figures and it says family :biggrin: Since I just had my second baby, I thought that would be so cute to have the four of us on my wrist!I wasn't sure but it was insanely cheap (with free shipping!) and cute. Once I got it on my bracelet I was in love with it. Now, the other day I went into a jewelry store at my local mall and saw they had Zable beads--those are the same idea as Pandora for those who haven't heard of it--and saw an adorable cell phone there! So, I bought it and put it on my bracelet...I've been dying for the retired Pandora cellphone bead but it is either no where to be found or out of my price range when I DO find it :s. My question to you Pandora ladies is, do you or would you put a non-Pandora bead on your Pandora bracelet? I really want to keep it all pandora but its gonna take forever to fill up that way and I would hate to have a separate bracelet for the few beads that arent! lol I know I'll get a lot of "if you like it then wear it proudly" responses but I guess I'm just looking for a what would YOU do reply :p. I included pics so you can see what the new beads look like.....Thanks for reading!!

    Here's a view of the Zable cellphone...I love it!

    Without the flash.....

    It says family :heart:

    v The little stick figures!! lol The mom even has a little triangle for a skirt!
  2. Of course! I have a Troll bracelet, and on it is a mixture of Troll beads, Pandora beads, and some that I bought from Inspired Silver's website. I think it's a great idea to have a mixture of whatever is meaningful to you.
  3. my bracelet is mainly pandora but i have one chamilia bead and a cute ruby(my birthstone) fake bead my mil got me from turkey that i love..i put them all on my bracelet. the pandora range is'nt that big..although i love pandora, i wish they had a bigger silver range... i was looking for ages for a charm to represent my job( i'm a dentist)..and found my fav charm from lovelinks a small silver skull with cz eyes!..so cute it goes right next to my fav pandora bag charm.
  4. Hmmm, I'll admit to being a bit of a Pandora snob! I have three bracelets and a necklace, and out of all those beads I have four which are non-Pandora...two sparkly pink ones from the jewellers next door to where I work (i know they're SS that way), one of which was a gift. A too-cute-for-words dog, also SS, and a mother & baby bead which i got when i lost my baby.

    But it's all a matter of preference...if you like it, go for it! :biggrin:

    samiyahk, your skull sounds FAB...may have to check that out! :blush:
  5. Heyy
    my bracelet is all pandora and i personally prefer just to keep it that way but thats because i'm a bit obsessive compulsive lol. I think that your bracelet looks gorgeous though and its even more special that they mean something special to you. I say you keep them on if you like them because i do!
  6. I have both: total Pandora and mixer bracelets. I don't see any reason to not get the beads that you are drawn to, no matter the brand. My tastes tend to run pretty much in the Pandora direction, but I do have a few (3) Chamilia beads and a Zable glass bead. There are more and more off-brands of beads that keep popping up, making our choices almost endless. I have yet to find any line of beads that rival Pandora, as a whole.

    With the exception of Troll...

    I have a Troll bracelet that I am keeping exclusively Troll, though. My choices of these beads are very ornate and I don't think they mix well with other brands. Plus, my Troll will be all sterling silver and glass and my Pandora bracelets all (I have 3 and half) have some two-tone beads on them. Since the Troll beads don't fit on Pandora bracelets, I kind of think of them as separate collections... That's just me though.

    One important thing you should know, however, is that the warantee on your bracelet is apparently voided if you have non-Pandora products on it.
  7. It's all abt personal choice!
    Some ppl wouldn't dare to even think of looking at other brands but as long as you're happy with it, :shrugs: who cares!! Of course you do have to consider the warranty part of things as well like givemegold said...

    Mine are predominantly Pandora simply cos I think most of their charms looks to be better finished than others.. that's just IMO! I like chamilia ones too! I do have another brand guitar charm on there simply cos I prefer that one to the dangly one Pandora has..!
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone!! :biggrin:

    I do have a question....If something happened to my bracelet and I needed to get it cleaned or something, all I'd have to do is remove the beads and then they'd have no clue that i had non-pandora ones on there right? What does having non-pandora on there have to voiding the warranty?
  9. ^^ glad you asked, I was wondering that too!! :p
  10. I have no clue as to HOW they are supposed to know if you have had a NON Pandora bead on your bracelet- just remove it before you took it for repair?!

    I personally have 2 complete bracelets which are TOTALLY PANDORA and that's what i like for myself- I have seen other brands and liked a few beads but i just think that Pandora is generally more classic in style- though not always and they are well made.

    That is JUST ME though and i think that if you love a bead from another company then u should wear it with pride.
  11. You are right, they would have no idea that you had other beads on there besides Pandora. I think that is a silly rule! If your bracelet should ever need service, just take off the non-Pandora beads. Really, you would take off all the beads anyway prior to service.
  12. I recently got my pandora bracelet and I now have 6 charms.. all pandora. The middle of the 3 sections is now full and I am debating leaving it like that and getting a new bracelet or filling out this one first... I really can't decide which I prefer... I was thinking of getting a pink pandora string bracelet as a special one for my ''memory'' beads.. Charms that will mark special events I hopefully have coming up this year... Opinions?!

    I'll post a pic when I get one up! :smile:
  13. Hi,

    To me, the whole point of any charm bracelet is the ability to customize and personalize it. I think that if you enjoy collecting and building a bracelet...do it however you want. I buy trollbead bracelets so that I can put everythiing on them. I have 2 bracelets and both have Pandora, Trollbeads, Chamilia, Nagara. I'm looking at some Ohm beads to purchase. I find that I like certain aspects of all the brands. I like the glass of Trollbeads. I like the variety of Chamilia's silver beads. I like the uniformity of Pandora etc
    I've had the experience of being told that non-pandora beads will contaminate my Pandora ones. :p How silly. Buy what you enjoy and enjoy the collecting, arranging and wearing of your bracelet.
  14. In answer to the question regarding how Pandora would know if you had a non-Pandora beads on your Pandora bracelet. There are circumstances that happen with Chamilia beads getting stuck on the Pandora bracelet threads. If its not a seamless "screw on " (sorry, didn't know how else to say that) eventually the threads on the Pandora bracelet will wear, then Pandora beads will get stuck. Sometimes the bracelets even break. Pandora knows what to look for in these situations. After all this time, they have figured out why this was happening. Its not always the case, but its very possible. I work at a Pandora retailer and we always tell customers if they have any other brand of beads on their bracelet and something happens, Pandora may decide not to cover, regardless of whether or not they have actual proof. I just got 3 Chamilia beads that I absolutely loved that I am wearing on my leather Pandora bracelet. At least with this bracelet,it only has the one thread and if anything happens, I'll just replace it. When I was buying the Chamilia beads, they had 2 of the bead I wanted, the first one would NOT screw on all the way over. The second bead did. Pandora and Chamilia are NOT meant to be worn mixed. Which is unfortunate for us, but beneficial to them.
  15. I haven't yet, but am ready to make the jump from "Pandora snob" to including more types of beads (as long as they're sterlng silver or gold). I'm interested especially in some of the Chamilia beads, they look better quality in person than they did in pictures.

    LipglossQueen, I find it really interesting that only 2 out of 3 Chamilia beads you tried fit on your Pandora bracelet. Which one didn't fit?