would you purchase your grail scarf

  1. if it was a different hem color than you expected....
    lets say it was a pea green hem instead of primary red or blue?

    Am I being too picky? ( I would be paying full price for this out of print/ sold out with an exaggerated shipping/posting price).....
  2. oh dear.... I know where you are coming from.....

    This is a hard choice, especially if it is a hard to find grail.

    For me, it comes down to this---will I WEAR it???? If I wont, I wont, and no point in droppping the money and having it decorate the drawer.

    If you can and WILL wear the pea green, even if it not your first choice, then yes, I would say go for it. Particularly if it is a hard to find one.

    You can always keep it until your holy grail comes up, then you can sell it, or tie it on a bag, or whatever.

    IMHO, if you love it and will wear it, it is worth paying retail for, even with extra postage. If you would never wear it, it's not worth getting it free.
  3. Also, sometimes they look a lot better IRL than in pics, if that is how you are seeing it, E.
  4. I totally agree with CB on this. I go through this often with the vintage scarves that I passionately collect. If I think I'll wear it, even if the colors are not exactly perfect for me, then I'll buy it. I know to stay away from some colors now.....but it did take me some mistakes before I finally got it right.
  5. E...we are discussing your grail. listen to the experts & your heart. :heart: then, you cannot go wrong. hNe
  6. CB found one of my grails...I'm still undecided because the colors don't seem right for me...so I'm still watching and thinking...I'm just not sure...so, I wouldn't rush out and get a scarf...even a GRAIL if it wasn't what I was looking for, ya know?
  7. No, I don't think I would. A grail should be 100% perfect - otherwise it will only remind you of the one you really wanted. And the grail is worth waiting for - it will cross your way one day, and then you will be over the moon to have found it!
  8. But if it's a grail scarf, won't you enjoy owning more than one colorway eventually? Also, I have found that scarves in real life look so different than pics of them. What I thought I wanted and didn't want from looking at pics, turned out to be the exact opposite irl.