Would you purchase this?

  1. I really should make a decision! For the past month I have been umming and ahhing over a burgundy colored bag. Finally have decided to go with the Alexa, have found one only to find it has a mark on the back.

    It's new condition with the tags but it's a display. I will be getting it for a bargain of a price (900aud)

    I haven't seen it, but the retailer was kind enough to take photos for me. Do you think I should take the plunge or wait for something that is perfect? It looks to be small and hardly noticeable!

    What do you all think? I promise I won't bug anyone here anymore!
    image-3127686478.jpg image-2265765585.jpg
  2. It looks quite worn in already can't really notice the mark good price get it
  3. I would since it is on the back of the bag, and it seems to be a very small mark when looking the bag as a whole. After using a bag, there will be other marks through general usage, and you get use to it. For me, it is not a problem if it is an absolutely bargain. :smile:
  4. when you hold the bag, you won't even be able to see the mark because it'll be against your body anyway. i'm not sure what 900aud equates to in pounds, but if you think it's good value then i think its worth snapping it up
  5. Would they let you return it if you didn't like it? The mark doesn't look too bad from the pics as its pretty small. If it were me, I think I would take a chance on it as it seems to be marked down quite a lot (if its the oversized one) and if its just the small mark it looks ok. It depends if the mark would bug you though.
    Did they say if there were any other problems with it, like maybe being a bit grubby from being on display or scratched hardware?
  6. No they won't.

    I don't think the mark will bug me so I think I am going to buy it!!!
  7. Yay!! It is a gorgeous colour!
  8. Hi peachpea
    Where do you find Mulberry bags in Oz? I though that they were pretty much sold exclusively through Myer and Mulberry.
  9. Bethanh I buy online :smile: I find the prices in oz ridiculously marked up. Hgbags currently have some mulberry bags and they have the 200 off coupon as well!!
  10. I know!! We get so ripped off here. I wish we had the outlets that you hear everyone posting about in the uk! And don't get me started on the fact that mulberry.com charges us the VAT as a mark up, so we pay so much more!!
  11. Also try harrods.com they take the vat out at the checkout but if it is 1000aud more you will get charged duties fees. Most of the time it works out cheaper than buying it here :smile: I bought my givenchy from harrods
  12. I'm so glad you decided to get it. I bought my ink Alexa for aud850 and it was pre-loved although it was in amazing condition for a pre-loved. So I think you got yourself a good bargain to get a brand new Alexa for aud900.
  13. Say wha? I didn't know Myer had Mulberry bags. I need to go to Myer more!

    Anyway, that's such a gorgeous colour! I would get that colour, if I could. I think you made a great decision. Any problems thus far? ;)
  14. :p
  15. Go for it gal! - it looks great - and the mark really isn't all that obvious...:smile:....