Would you purchase this??

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  1. I posted the other day a thread on tips of where to purchase clothing for a business casual job just starting and basically need a new wardrobe as I have not worked in an office for years and have no clothes for it. I had some really great suggestions from the ladies on wear to go :smile:. I have went and looked around and saw some really good deals and some cute stuff but didn't buy. I have no problems buying stuff that looks good together for my casual and going out dress attire but when it comes to work clothes I have a really hard time putting something together and feeling good about whether or not it looks good.

    Ok, so what I am getting at is that I was on ebay and I found this. I really like the styles she has put together and was wondering would you ladies ever purchase something like this. If you look at her other items she also sets up private auctions too.


    Or do you think I would do much better on my own shopping and just getting the sales assistants to assist me on whether or not it looks good??
  2. this would make me nervous. It would blow more than half your budget, and you have no guarentee that the stuff will fit you properly or be flattering on you. If you already had a base collection I would say go for it, but I am pretty sure you could do this much better for yourself. And if you went to a consignment shop (do you have a buffalo exchange near you?) i am pretty sure it would cost you no more than what is posted there.
  3. No buffalo exchange where I am :sad: thank you for the responses definitely some good points to think about, probably not a good idea.
  4. I would be too nervous to buy a "lot" like this sight unseen. It looks like you get a "surprise" selection of items and the seller does not even provide with descriptions/pictures of what you'll be getting prior to purchase. I think you are much better off buying things yourself. You know, you don't have to build an entire wardrobe overnight. Start with some of the basic pieces suggested in the other thread and then slowly build up your wardrobe as you take cues from your new workplace.

    Most of the pairings on the ebay listing are pretty easy to duplicate. I would take that listing as inspiration.