Would you purchase something damaged beyond repair if it was relatively cheap?

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  1. Oh I miss febreeze! It's so funny, I'm in Australia and you can't buy it here. No-one has heard of it, it's so depressing. I don't even think they have an equivalent!
  2. Oh yes you can. You can now buy Febreeze - and lots of other USA stuff - at Costco in Melbourne.:yahoo:
  3. Coles has febreeze too
  4. I've seen Febreeze at Woolworths at Bondi Junction too.

    An update on my damaged bag:

    I received it last week and I just couldn't live with it. Note to anyone considering white patent, make sure you are able to live with the leather going yellow and colour transfer etc etc. Its a gorgeous bag though..

    Fortunately there was a little rip in the leather on the back that they didnt disclose in the auction and I was able to return it. I must say rentmeahandbag is an excellent seller. They replied all my emails almost instantly and refunded my return postage as well.

    With the price of the damaged bag plus a little bit more, I bought a preowned black miu miu nappa shopper bag instead and she's just gorgeous! :smile: The leather was lovely and slouchy with age but still looks fantastic! I guess black regular leather is probably the best investment for a bag - stains don't show and the leather just keeps getting better the more you use it.
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