Would you purchase something damaged beyond repair if it was relatively cheap?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    While checking ebay today, I noticed this seller had 4 of these bags for sale, all in various damaged conditions. Its the East-West quilted bay in white with forest green zips. They all had various scuffs and marks on them and were going for a buy it now price (the cheapest one was $184.99).

    I picked the one i felt happiest with (whole bag was unmarked except for the front handle which was pretty badly marked) and bought it! Feeling a twinge of buyers remorse now though..

    I'm still happy with it, I think its a gorgeous bag though it has had mixed reviews on this forum. I guess I'll have to wait until it arrives to see if I've made the right choice!

    I was just wondering what your stand was on buying damaged bags?

    Heres the link for my 2nd choice:

    and here are the pics of the one i got:

    Close Up of handle damage:


    Pretty gorgeous otherwise :smile:


  2. At least you are aware of the damage before you bought it and it's not a nasty surprise when you get the bag! I can't stand that surprise damage. Personally, if I'm aware of the flaws and it's a good price and fixable or minimal, then I'd probably buy the bag.

    Maybe the handle is fixable - just get some leather dye? then you'll have a flawless bag for a bargain! :biggrin:
  3. haha, thanks qwerty! it would be awesome if it was fixable :smile:
    otherwise I guess I'll just have to wrap a scarf around it or something to hide the damage or grip the handle over the damaged bit to hide it when im carrying it.

    I'm sure it will get marked even more once I start using it. Light patent leathers are so vulnerable to colour transfers.. and impossible to clean.
    The colour is perfect though for summer (coming soon here in Oz).
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    Interesting topic! :biggrin:

    No, I'd never knowingly buy a badly marked/damaged bag, personally; unless it was very cheap and I was looking for parts, or something.

    I would (and have) bought secondhand bags, of course, but only in mint, excellent, or very good condition.

    I love bags from '06 or before so, especially with the older ones, I pretty much have to accept a bit of wear, by now; but nothing too bad, unless I know I could fix it/have it fixed.

    The worst I'd, knowingly, accept would be a few scratches and/or a bit of tarnish to the HW.

    I recently bought an 'excellent condition, only used once for a wedding' S/S '04 clutch (love this design!) and it arrived with a few scratches (presumably from the owner's nails), some face powder on the lining and a slight imprint, under the flap, from the magnetic closure pressing on the leather and that's about as bad condition as I'd be prepared to tolerate, TBH.

    I'm pretty careful with my stuff, though, so don't really want a trashed item, even if it's older, as my items from that time are still in excellent, or even mint condition.

    If I were rougher with my stuff, however, I'd be more inclined to knowingly buy worse condition bags (if the price was right!), as I'd think; 'Well, it'll end up like that, soon enough, anyway!'. :biggrin:

    BTW, maybe it could have new handles fitted? Although, Chloe are pretty poor in their repair services, in my experience, so perhaps not... Might be worth asking, though?

    If you call them, Chloe will ask where it was purchased and if you say it wasn't from them, will send you off to wherever you say it was purchased, to ask them about sending it to Chloe's factory/repairers. I find this kind of annoying, as if you buy from somewhere authorised, but online, like NAP (let alone eBay!), this makes life difficult.

    Seems to me, Chloe boutiques should take in any authentic bag for repair, for a fee, like most other designer boutiques do.

    Alternatively, katheryn used Leather CPR on an older Chloe bag she bought, recently and she says it had dramatically good results, so maybe that might work?

    Don't know if it would work on patent, though? :shrugs:
  5. hi - oh yes i love a bargin. Most things can be repaired at a local cobbler. Colouring can be re-done, the patent is hard i dont know but i dont think its a deal breaker. On a white bag you might have had the same colour issue from jeans transfer. YOu just got one instead already done for you.
    I have received a new to me chloe which reaks (REAKS) of cigarettes. I think this bag was clubbing or the owner smoked inside the bag. !!!!

    So im doing all the research to get rid of the smell now. Will cross my fingers. I dont know how anyone can pay that much money and trash a bag like that - unless your name is Lindsey L.

    But anyway - yay for an awesome bargin. Esp since being a fellow aussie you know how hard it is to find a chloe bargin. Well done.
  6. I once bought a white silverado with a very nasty mark on the bottom of the bag. The upside to having an already slightly damaged bag is that you aren't precious about it - and can actually feel free to carry it everyday... There are other bags in my collection that are so pristine - I have kittens every time I use them :smile:
  7. Rowe55 - Hi - try LovingMyBags - they have Odor Candles - and I have heard girls using them for their bags 'smoke inhalation':nuts:


  8. Ugh the smoke smell is the worst! I see Lescoy recommended LMB - but to avoid shipping costs :graucho: - try some backing soda in a cup inside the bag, seal the bag up in the dustbag and let the baking soda take the smell away. I did this on a bag once, took a few days but helped get rid of the smell. So does airing it outside on the veranda - as long as it's shaded from the sun and you check it for bugs BEFORE you bring it back into the house. Long story there! :P
  9. That's a great find... I hope you can repair it or disguise it somehow!

    Personally, i wouldnt purchase something damaged beyond repair. I cant afford brand new chloes, but i try to pay a bit more and get bags in like-new to mint condition.
  10. I don't mind buying used bags at all. I don't even mind some parts missing as long as I know about it before I purchase it. But I would not buy a purse with bad water damages (the professional can get rid of them but it costs too much for my liking.) and the color transfered patent bag no matter how cheap it is. Last I heard, there is nothing you can do to get rid of the dye. Oh I would not buy a bag with its leather torn either.
  11. Thanks for your input, girls!

    I especially agree with daisyrockyrosie, since its already slightly damaged, I won't have to be as precious with it. I love that about most of my secondhand bags.

    But I'm also fanatically careful with most of my bags so chloehandbags has a good point as well. Most of my stuff still looks brand new.

    I'm pretty happy with my purchase actually. I think its a great price and it all comes down to how the style looks in person. :smile: Its going to be my first patent chloe!
  12. ^ If you can, please post pics when it arrives. :biggrin:
  13. baglicious - I had a look through the other bags that you had to choose from - and I think you chose the right one :smile:
  14. I will definitely post photos when I receive her. :yahoo: haha can you tell I'm excited?

    Thanks daisyrockyrosie! Rentmeahandbag seems to have a strange pricing system. Of the 5 bags that were on the website, 2 were priced at $1050 and were equally as damaged as the other lower priced ones, in my opinion.
  15. One of the bags i recieved a while back had a really strong smell of cigarettes so I used febreeze on the lining, just turned the bag inside out, sprayed it and let it dry..no smell at all now!!!
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