Would you purchase in an '07 Agneau Leather Bag in a Fav col?

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  1. Hi Ladies, I have found a colour which has taken me a long time to find. I came across an '07 Violet on sale in the style that I was hoping for. Problem is that it is Agneau. Would you get it if it was on sale at 20% less than the original price.
    I have only one other bag in Agneau from 08 though but it the leather doesn't really bother me because you can't get it in chevre and it is in coral, a colour I am fond of. I just prefer it to be in Chevre, but who knows when I can find one again in the same condition again right? Tempted. Let me know what you think...Am I being fussy and should just get the colour I have been searching high and low for at a fantastic price?
  2. Honestly I would get it. You said yourself that it's a color you've been looking for for ages and the price is great. I have SS08 and FW08 bags in agneau and the quality of the leathers are very different, so IMO agneau can be fantastic. Good luck deciding.
  3. Hmmm.. I don't think bbags were produced in agneau in 2007?

    Regardless of the type of leather (aka, chevre / agneau), if its your HG AND on sale,, i'll get it in a heartbeat.
  4. I think if you've been waiting for it for a while, you should get it!:yes:

    The leather might be even more fabulous than you think. :heart:
  5. For what you say... this is the Bbag you were looking for so if I was you...I would get it, don´t lose the chance...:yes:
  6. I Truly don't think that the bag is a 07, I have 07 Violet City and is made of Chevre, not Agneau. Maybe the seller has the tags mixed up? Maybe she's talking about a 08 Saphire which is also a gorgeous color made of agneau.
    If you like it, buy it! even faster if it's on sale. 08 Saphire is also super beautiful. Good luck!
  7. Absolutely without a doubt YES!
    Some 07 Violets are chevre, some are agneau. My 07 Violet First is Agneau and I love her:heart:
  8. 20% off the original price :faint: Violet is such a gorgeous colour~ I wouldn't mind agneau leather.

    I would get it if I were you :yes:
  9. :ty:Oh Thanks Ladies.

    Looks like the general consensus is to go get it before I miss out big time!! :yahoo: All your answers have definately helped my decision. Can't wait to get my first Violet bag ever. I'll get her on Monday. I have too many in Black and reddish cols anyway. Here we go again. Sigh - Will this need for more Bal bags ever end...;)

    :heart: Rock chic
  10. Good for you!
  11. I have an 07 Violet First and i love it.
    In 07 they made some in chevre and some in agneau. That was the year they made the transition to agneau and everyone was freaking out.
    You will love it!
    Post pics when you get it:smile:

  12. Hey thanks for that Choebagfreak. What leather was yours in?
  13. :sunshine:
  14. Oh sorry, mine is agneau, and it was my first in agneau.
    Got her from Aloha Rag and I just flipped out , it was so yummy! I wore it every day last summer. My others were chevre at the time ,but I couldn't feel the difference. It's the pic in my avatar:smile:
    I prefer my bbags to have bit of sheen and to be distressed and this was perfect.
  15. Oh, I forgot to add that I got stopped so many times for compliments, so be prepared!
    People just want to reach out and touch these bags:smile: