Would you purchase a heat stamped handbag?

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  1. Basically to sum things up, I need to sell a few of my LV items since money is a bit tight right now. My Neverfull and Speedy are both heat stamped and was curious to know if someone would even considering purchasing an item with someone else's initials. I've read threads were people have removed the gold foil from the initials but the indentation seems to remain. So would initials deter you from purchasing a bag at a good price? Thanks in advanced...

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  2. I would only buy the bag if the initials were the same as mine :smile:

    I suggest trying to sell it and see if someone bites. If someone does, then good.. if not then.. oh well.. At least you tried, right?

    By the way, don't scrape of the gold foil. Yes, the indentations would still be there so it will just look older, like the gold foil fell off naturally or something.
  3. It might drive the price down a little bit, but lots and lots of women will buy a Speedy or NF with a heat stamp if they can save a little money. These bags are in huge demand. You will sell without a problem if you price your bags accordingly.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately my initials are Z.H. I'm sure not too many of those running around. Thanks for the suggestion about selling...

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  5. I figured that I would have to cut the asking price back a bit and that's why a part of me thinks my best option would be to just keep the heat stamped items to avoid taking such a big loss...

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  6. You wouldn't lose a lot on a Speedy or NF. The condition is way more important than the heat stamp. A Speedy or NF with a heat stamp can sell for 80% of retail if it's in great condition.
  7. Okay. Thanks for that. I will give it a try and see what I get...

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  8. Mon mono bags sell on the secondary market, and those are much more personalized than a heat-stamped bag. You shouldn't have any trouble selling your items!
  9. Very true. Like you said Fab, the demand for 'highly-recognizable' LV's, such as the Speedy and NF, are at an all-time high right now and there are people out there willing to pay a nice price for even a stamped or mon mono bag.
  10. Sorry...but honestly, I personally would never buy a heat stamped piece with someone else's initials. I'd rather pay more for a clean piece.
  11. Well that's good to know. Thank you.

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  12. No need to be sorry. That's exactly what I want to know. Cause honestly I wouldn't either. That's why I wanted to ask on TPF just to see if everyone thought like me or if I had a chance with trying to sell them.

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  13. Are you sure you want to sell? I can understand some situations are dire, but maybe you can reconsider what you need to do.
    Parting with an LV when you really don't want to is really tough, and for some people, just having one or two bags is all they'll ever have for a lifetime.
    I know people have said they regret selling because now are no where close to being able to repurchase the bag.
    If I was in your shoes, I would keep my special bags and brainstorm a way to find the funds I need in another direction.
    Sometimes being put in a position where we have to think outside the box in order to make money is actually saving grace! Many people go on to better jobs and careers when they're pushed to find something better because they have to.
    The choice is yours, and only you know what is the right decision. I hope you can keep your bags, and hang in there. Things will get better, and have some faith[emoji120]🏻
  14. I love this! Creativity is truly the good use of limited resources, however we may choose.
  15. Thank you for your very kind post. I truly don't want to sell all my bags, it's more like a last resort, if all else fails situation. I have a few items I would have no problems parting with, but I do really love my Speedy, so I don't think I would EVER let her go...
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