Would you purchase a clarity enhanced diamond?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could share with me their opinion on filled/enhanced diamonds. I know lots of people normally turn their nose up at these compared to natural diamonds, but what are the positives and negatives?

    I would be able to afford a much larger diamond (over 1 carat) if i went for a clarity enhanced one, compared to one that hasn't been treated, which would have to be considerably smaller.

    Thank you!
  2. I would rather get a smaller or a lower color diamond or go with a simulant or a gemstone than a clarity enhanced diamond/filled one. The issues you can run into with those is that the enhancement can crack and cause damage to the stone itself, or fall out, etc, over time, or with wear/whacks/heat/cleaning/if you get your ring fixed or polished, and the jeweler doesn't know that it's treated or know what the treatment is or how to handle it, you run the risk of further damage to the stone that may not be covered by insurance. If that's ALL you can afford, that's a different story, but the risks are not worth the rewards, IMO.
  3. Ame

    What is your thoughts on the lab created or man made diamond ?
  4. For a smaller diamond, it's not a bad option. But the technology doesn't really produce really clean stones that are much larger than say 3/4 ct regularly and with consistency yet. They are working towards it but it's not there yet with consistency.
  5. This is right! Id rather have a small stone with something that is not enhanced...
  6. I'd suggest looking at moissanite. I think moissanites are very pretty. I would choose that over a clarity enhanced. That said, I do have one fancy light brown - pink diamond that is clarity enhanced. I found it at a pawn shop for a small price and liked the color it was. However I would not seek out a clarity enhanced diamond for an engagement ring but I would consider moissanite.
  7. Personally, I would chose a different stone. I rather have a Sapphire than an enhancec stone. You should also try preloved. Preloved items tend to be less expensive.