Would you pull your listing off eBay?

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  1. Good afternoon,

    I am just about ready to pull an eBay listing I just posted, because I'm really frustrated about not being able to edit my listing.
    I wanted to add additional photos of my bag, because I bought the photo package.
    When I went to do this, I got a message in red saying I can't edit.
    I am sure that if I complain, eBay will pull my listing, so I may as well do that myself, move it to Bonanzle, and save an additional hundred dollars in fees.

    Why are they selling photo packages and then not allowing customers to upload all of them? Grrrrrr....:cursing:
  2. If you pull it then you will lose your listing fees. It is up to you. This probably means you were hit with the 30 day restriction, which means once you submit and item you cannot edit, add, revise or sell any other designer goods for 30 days. yuk. So sorry!
  3. I had that issue. If you email them, they may let you do it. They let me edit it once and then put the restriction back on.

    Another time, I spelled Burberry wrong in the title and they wouldn't let me revise. I emailed and explained that my listing won't show up in the search if I can't correct that. They told me to pull my listing. If they won't work with you and you are forced to pull the listing, you can go through live help and request your listing fees. I got mine back in this case.
  4. I can relate 100% to your frustration. I have gone through the same thing with fBay, and there's no way around it without taking the brand name out of the headline.

    I would contact fBay in your case because of the photo package that you purchased. I would ask for the ability to revise the listing OR a refund for the package. You might get lucky, and you might get neither. In any case, I would leave the listing as is with the hope that those who are truly interested will contact you for more photos. I would also list the bag on Bonanzle. It's free to list there, and the selling fees are super low compared to fBay.
  5. Thank you for your replies.
    Can you please tell me what happens if one bag is listed on both sites and two buyers purchase the same item?
    That is what is keeping me from putting it on Bonanzle in addition to *Bay.
  6. On Bonanazle, in ADVANCED OPTION its asks "allow BUY IT NOW".. check NO. And then you will be notified of all offers, even if a full priced offer, which you can then approve or not. No "instant sale", in other words.

    You could not pay me to list on ebay.
  7. What is up with this 30 day limit on designer items, and what do they constitute as "designer"? Just the popular, oft-knocked off brands like Fendi, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, etc., or also Stuart Weitzman, Nancy Gonzalez, etc?

    I tried to edit my listing as well, but got ran into the same problem as the OP, which makes no sense b/c I've been on eBay for 6 years, am verified, and have over 250 positive feedback! Guess I'm going to have to try live chat tomorrow...
  8. same hapens to me, I wasn´t even able to relist an item, when a nonpaying buyer hapened to purchase my handbag....... I hate ebay, and their restrictions,
    I mean at the end I will have to have several accounts just to keep selling.....
  9. A seller I know who has 100% postive feedback with over 1200 transactions had that happen too. It's crazy. I really don't see how this protects buyers at all. If anything it gets annoying for both parties!!!
  10. It's time to head on over to Bonanzle! I just set up booth and it was AMAZINGLY easy.