would you prefer..

  1. a blue india or a plomb city :confused1:
  2. So diffrent, BI is gorgeous looks wonderful with black and brown, plomb is very nice as well but I really prefer it with sgh to popp it up a bid.
  3. I have a BI city and a SGH plomb Day and use them about equally. Both go with a lot of my wardrobe. Plomb is probably easier to maintain but I haven't had any problems with my BI city so far. I think it's really down to your own preference. Plomb might be easier to get.
  4. hmmm... plomb city for me... but then again, it does depend on what you have currently...
  5. Plomb City
  6. plomb for me. BI is pretty too.
  7. BI for me! i like unusual colours. i'd prefer anthracite to plomb.
  8. BI!!!!! i like both, but if you have to choose, i'd say blue india
  9. Plomb is probably a little more neutral and IMHO a great alternative for black. However, BI is a great color too......but if you like blues, the Ocean is gorgeous too!
  10. Blue India did not do much for me; I had a First that I just found myself never reaching for. I'd go with the Plomb!
  11. Plomb City! Although I love the Blues, BI is a little too light for me as oppossed to Ocean or Teal!:tup:
  12. :wlae: plomb plomb plomb!
  13. I think it really depends on what you already have, but in general I would say plomb.
  14. I would choose Blue India. I love it. Plomb is too boring. :sleepy:

    Just my opinion.
  15. :heart: Plomb