Would You Prefer That Lv Mirroir Becomes A Regular Collection Like Monogram Canvas

  1. hey guy i just want to have a survey on whether you would like LV MONOGRAM MIRROIR to be a regular collection like the monogram canvas, i mean do you guys like the idea of the LV MONOGRAM MIRROIR being an essential like your manhattan or papillion, cause im really inlove with it ( monogram mirroir speedy in silver)

    i observed that other brands have there own collection of shiny bags that are not limited editions so im wondering why cant they make the LV MONOGRAM MIRROIR a not limited edition bag,

    would love to hear from you thanks
  2. ummm... no I don't want it to be part of the permanent collection, unless they raise the price by like another 500-1000$ to match the MC bags, otherwise it seems unattractive to me
  3. I dont think they have a choice since they stopped production on the miroir bags last time because they were having quality issues. I like how exclusive it is. If everyone were toting it, there wouldn't be the feeling of it being rare. JMO. I hope the lockit is as rare as the others were because for those who have the speedy bags- the resale is more than double what it originally sold for.
  4. No, I would prefer the Miroir stay limited.
  5. i don't own any, but i think part of the allure of it is that it is limited. i don't think miroir should be a perm collection.
  6. No I don't want to see it as a permanant collection, I love it but I also love the fact it's limited
  7. Not at all.
  8. although it's high, it's not as high as other resellers like karenkooper who has it listed for almost $4000.

  9. Nope, I like that it was limited. I like the fact that everyone else doesn't have the exact same bags I do.
  10. The huangs sure are high, but I wonder if the accept many best offers... has anyone on this board purchased from them?
    I'm thinking they are very respected ebay sellers but so expensive!
  11. The mirroir should be LE.
  12. absolutely not.
  13. The Miroirs should stay Limited.
  14. The only reason why I'd say regular collection is because I didn't get one:crybaby:. I'm still kicking myself for it!