Would you place a SO only HOPING that the funds would be available?

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  1. Another tpf member, spoke of having to refuse 2 SO's that had come in for her as she could not afford them at this time.

    My question - would you place a SO or a Podium order when you don't have the cash in hand at the time of the order? Would you hope you could save for it in time?

    I can't imagine ordering something I could not afford but hoping I would be able to do so by the time it arrived.

    I can see circumstances changing so that even though the money is there, it would no longer be wise to spend it in this manner.
  2. I think if it were a PO, H would have an easier time finding another client who'd love it. Depending on how special the special order is, I don't think I'd be comfortable asking for a special order if I didn't feel confident I'd be willing and able to fork over the money when it comes in. That's not to say if something changed -- lost job, health problem, etc. -- I wouldn't be ok passing on it, but I'd only order it if I felt confident I'd buy it when the time comes. And for me, I'd have a hard time putting in a request if I didn't already have ~85% of the current purchase price already set aside for it.

    As someone who wants a dark green Steve, and who knows that the people who order for the stores around here seem to loathe dark green, I'd hate to finally have them get something for me in that color, and then pass on it.
  3. I could never do that, if I don't have the money up front I can't have it. I would feel so guilty if I could not come up with the funds and had to turn the bag down.
  4. No I would not do that. But I am very sorry for people who through unforeseen circumstances cannot take their SO's.
  5. No, never.
  6. I would, why not? If it takes 6-12 months for a PO to arrive I would have plenty of time to get the money ready should the bag get made. I don´t see why you would necessarily have to have $10 000 ready when you go and place an order for a bag that may take a year to arrive??? JMHO,

    ETA: I would not place an SO HOPING the funds would be available, I would have to know that I would have the money once it came. Sorry I read it as a PO first not an SO. I´d never place an SO only hoping the cash would be there in the end, phew,lol

  7. Dear Ms. India:

    Not for SO but if it is something that the store just offer from their buy book, then yes.
  8. I think it is a very personal choice. I will never do this.
  9. i don't think it would be nice to deprive someone else of the opportunity to place a so, because effectively that is what happens at that individual boutique. in addition it would be disrespectful to the store/sales manager and individual personal sa to reject or not plan on taking delivery of a so without a good reason. of course emergencies do happen and that is just life. that would be a different story completely-
    i don't think the money needs to be in hand- you just need to know you will be able to fund the purchase when it arrives. just my 2 cents.
  10. Mmm,this is a tricky one....I think lots of folk would place an order and hope that circumstance etc would not change in the meantime,some things you just cannot legislate for,and life has a habit of throwing curve balls at times.
    As for an SO,I haven't had the opportunity to place one yet,but would'nt place an order unsure of how I would get the finances together at the end and just 'hoping' they would materialise.
  12. nope..would not do so only hoping the funds would be there. with my luck the exact color combo would coincidentally be available and there'd be no time to save..! :faint: lol
  13. I think that if you start a little fund for your SO, you will be fine by the time it arrives and we all know that it doesn't show up overnight!
  14. I never order anything unless I have money put away for it. Just like I pay my CC off every month. I don't go into debt for any bag, ever. I'm just OCD that way. But that's me!
  15. I did just that - although I thought I could save up the money over the year it was estimated that it would take to make - then I lost my job. Now my special order is here. I called yesterday and they told me. Now I have the unenviable task of deciding if I want to put it on my credit cards - multiple ones, not just one - or refuse it. I don't want to refuse it. That just breaks my heart, but buying it would "max me out". I am really struggling with this decision and I only have a day or two to decide. I'm just a white collar worker - a nurse - not rich at all. I just love birkins and the two I have now, I put on credit cards. My husband is not very understanding of my champagne tastes, so to speak. But if I didn't go into debt to get the things I wanted then I would never have them, or I would be so old when I got them that I wouldn't care anymore. I guess I'm stupid, but I just can't help myself.
Thread Status:
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