Would you pick TOMATO or MASTIC in the CITY?

  1. I have never had a red bag, I don't even know if I can pull it off but I drool when I see them. Mastic, on the other hand, is more safe and more "me" since my handbag collection is all safe neutral colors and alot of black. I really like both colors, which one would you pick? I have two concerns: About mastic, it might get dirty quickly, and about tomato, it might be "too much" for me and I might not end up using it very much.
  2. HmmmM. everything mentioned ...Went though in my mind too.. Mastic.. I'd be afraid of the handles darkening.. and tomato may be t:huh: much.. (I feel the same way) R.. there any other colors you might be interested in.. like ocean or Olive?
  3. Red is my favorite color. I have a Rouge VIF Day bag... go for color....
  4. Tomato :tup: reds are easier to wear then one might think, it goes with earth tones and black :yes:
  5. I had the same hesitation a year ago when I was trying to decide if I should get the rouge vif purse. I did get one, it is beautiful, and I loved the color, but I ended up sold the bag because the color is too beautiful, it's not an everyday bag. Instead, I got a more natural color which I can use it everyday in most of occasions
  6. I think mastic would be a good choice. I am considering it myself. I have sandstone but I am thinking I like the mastic better. I have not experienced any darkening of the handles at all on my sandstone so since mastic is darker, I wouldn't be at all worried about that. I would choose a smaller bag (first) in the red if you are at all ambivalent about pulling off the red.
  7. The handles of my Sandstone City haven't darkend and the rest of the bag is in perfect condition, but I think Mastic may be a tad lighter than Sandstone.. so it might be a litttle bit more prone to dirt?

    Either way I think I'd probably go with Mastic. I had a red bag once and I got sick of it after a month. It was just too much for me.

    I agree w/oogie, though.. are they are other colors you'd consider? There are some neutral colors out now that are still "fun", but won't be as 'overwhelming' as a red might be.
  8. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I like plomb, but I have way too many black bags and it's too close to black. I love ocean too, but I don't wear blue much, I had a blue chloe I sold becuase it didn't match anything. I'm leaning towards mastic I think. I only have one b-bag, a cinnamon city and I love it.
  9. If red is not your style, then don't force it. :smile: Plus, for a bag this expensive, better to get something that you'll be sure to get a lot of wear out of!
  10. I was thinking the same thing too. I'd love a tomato day bag, but wasn't sure if I'd wear it often cause the color is so bright. I think I've decided against it for now, but if I keep on dreaming about it, then I'll get it at the end of the season.
  11. I always choose the edgier of the two colors because I always theorize that I could get a black, brown or tan bag in any designer model. But only Balenciaga makes wonderfully colorful bags to my liking. The only bag I'd get in a bbag that is nromal would be black because...well, that's the staple bbag color!

    So having said that, I will always choose the brighter color over a neutral...so tomato gets my vote! At the same time, I wear my bright colors more than my neutrals. Luckiky for me my wardrobe encourages it. But if it was vice versa I'd say get mastic. :yes:
  12. Your rouge vif is absolutely TDF!!
  13. I would go with Tomato for the reason lordguinny gave. The Bal colors are great, so I prefer the brights over the neutrals.
  14. I agree with Lordguinny. You could get black, brown, tan, from any designer, but the bright colors...only Balenciaga. However, if its not you, then its not worth trying to force it. You definitely don't want to dish out that kind of money to have your bag sit in the closet.

    good luck!
  15. i love the balenciaga bright colors. however, if it's not you and you don't think that you'd be comfortable carrying tomato because it's so bright then you should probably go with mastic.