Would you pay usd 1780 for an agenda?

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  1. Hi all.

    I've been looking for a vision silky daily agenda cover with zip. However, my SA has offered me a full leather zipped vision in rose azalea. It's really lovely but I can't get my head around spending around 1780 for it. The cover itself is about 1620 and the refill is 155.

    I have a week to think about it. I'm quite torn. Should I get it or wait for a silky daily which according to my SA will only be in next season. So if I do get my hands on a silky daily, it will probably be in June or so.
  2. Rose azalea so beautiful
    Hard to resist
  3. Yes that's why I'm wavering.
  4. I would not pay that much, but I don't use an agenda. But, I think the silk gives it an nice touch, so I would wait for that. I have a silk in wallet and love to see the colorful silk interior every time I open it. June does not sound that far away...also with Hermes you never know when they will get something in...it may be sooner than June
  5. Silk generally doesn't wear as well as leather, so it would depend to some extent also on how you plan to use it. If it is something you would carry around with you vs. being left on a desk, you might want to consider all leather. Agendas also come up frequently on the resale market if you like the idea of it but not the price.
  6. Are you sure about the price? I bought a GM full leather zip Vision agenda new from the boutique for right at $1000 about 2 years ago. That price seems way off unless you're talking something quite large.
  7. Everything is lovely about H but I wouldn't spend this much on stationary. Go with what your works with your budget and your heart desires. Have you thought about the Ulysse cover ? The price is more reasonable.

  8. YA I'm based in Asia hence the inflated price. :sad:
  9. +1
  10. No

    I wouldn't
  11. Probably not because I don't use agenda .... As long you like it why not? My family and friends think I over paid a lot of things :rolleyes: oh yes I prefer leather over silk for handheld items.