Would You Pay This Price ... ???

  1. it really depends on whether or not you can get a similar one at a lower price, and how much you value newness, dustbag, etc.
    the thing i hate most about buying new is the tax. I really hate tax!
  2. I guess I am just wondering if everyone thought this was a good price for a used wallet without all of the extras or if it should be discounted more ???
    sorry, I am new to Chanel :shame: usually hang out on the Balenciaga forum ...
  3. I wouldn't pay as much as she's asking due to all the documentation missing, if you use it and are easy on it and decide to re-sell, it could be a problem for you later.
  4. What WOULD you pay for this one? trying to decide if I should just go retail ...
  5. Hm...maybe $400 tops. It's still in fabulous condition.

    I have one of these and love it.:heart:
  6. I'd maybe pay 1/2 of retail.
    I am really funny about re-sells anyways though, but combine that it has scratches and no documentation. . .
    it's too close to retail IMO.
  7. As long as you don't plan on resale, the documentation shouldn't be a problem.
  8. ... or you could buy it and use it for many, many years, till it's really worn, and not sell it. Then the documentation doesn't matter. Just use it and love it.
  9. ^true. . . that's why I mentioned I have a 'thing' about buying a re-sell. . . I just can't do it! LOL!
  10. I would also pay half of retail anywhere from $275- $325 because it is used and all the documentation is missing. To me documentation helps it gives me piece of mind in assuring that it is not a knock-off.
  11. half retail, considering it was on sale earlier this year. well at least some of the color combos were.
  12. this one shouldn't have been on sale, it it was, it was accidental I believe.
  13. well I asked her if she would take an offer but she said her price is firm so I will pass and go get the one at the boutique! THANKS EVERYONE!!!

  14. yeah, I mentioned in my post..some of the color combos were.
    regardless, I personally wouldnt pay that much for that wallet.:P