Would you pay this much for this bag?

  1. I have found an Ebene Clemence Birkin 35 with PHW in a resale store near me. I know it's authentic, and although it's a G stamp and therefore 4 years old, it honestly looks just about brand new. One corner has a slight scuff, and otherwise that's it.

    The thing is, they want $8750 (+ tax) for it, which comes out to roughly $9400--well over retail. I think that's too much, but then again, this color combination is really hard to find.

    What do I doooooo? Your thoughts please?
  2. In short, NO! I would tell you to hold off and wait OR can you offer them less?
  3. can you ask them for a lower price? as my grandma used to say "you don't ask, you don't get..."
  4. Cynthia, no, I would definitely not pay that. You live in NYC (I am assuming that because of your screen name), you should be able to get one from the NYC store, new and at the regular price!
  5. Rose is right.
  6. Thanks, jag, hlfinn rose and coldplaylover! I think I just needed a sanity check/slap. I keep thinking about this bag over and over...she did say that she'd take $8000 for it, but there's still tax which brings it to $8660.

    I wonder if my SA could find me one at some point? He'll kill me if I ask right now, because I just sent him on a search for a specific B in gold. (Woo hoo on that one by the way!)

    Hmm. Will have to think this over, how much do I really want Ebene. Would I take chocolate instead? Does it have to be Clemence? I know it has to be PHW for me, I almost never wear gold except with my Constance, so at least that part I'm sure of!
  7. I have to agree with everyone else and say no simply b/c you can probably find one less expensive later on. It'll be worth the wait.
  8. Thank you, Edsbgril! You are all making it much easier for me to rest easy, letting this much-wanted combination go home with someone else!
  9. It's too much I just bought through a reseller an Evercalf Ebene birkin PHW for 2000 less and only 2 years old. I think you can do much better.
  10. I agree-unless u really have to have that color combo.It is hard to walk away from a beautiful bag, isn't it?
  11. It IS hard! I adore the color combo and it looks just so lovely in Clemence, but then again, I have a feeling that I might be able to get it direct from H at some point in the future if I'm very nice to a certain someone. Or, really, very nice to that certain someone AND to my SA! LOL

    You got a good deal, HK! All the resellers near me charge an arm and a leg--most of the previously owned bags go for OVER retail! They haven't figured out yet that H has made Birkins a *little* bit less unobtainable recently.
  12. What a great find? Clemence is such an adorable leather to the touch if you don't mind the relaxed slouch overall look. If the bag looks brand new inside and out, and you decide to get this one and reseller sells it for $8000-, you would just be paying extra $500- plus tax since they run about $7500- at the boutique. I think ebene is a marvelous color that easily goes well with black or dark brown, beige, etc. Find out if your SA can get this bag for you. If so, I would wait.

    Another thing is to check out the quality of the ebene birkin you saw at the reseller. If the stitching and craftsmanship is excellent then I would get it. I have been noticing some newer birkins were the quality of stitching is not as great as those ones made earlier by craftsmen who have been the longest at H. I sometimes think these newer ones with slopy stitching would not even pass the quality standards in their stores in Japan.
  13. I have a suggestion. Offer less than ask them to ship to someone you know out of state. If the ship out of state NO TAX. So offer something more like 7500, which is a very respectible offer and you get the bag you want.
  14. Hmm hadn't thought of that! Sneaky. I like it :tup:

    Wow. Really? I haven't noticed that at all--this bag is 4 years old, and it looks A+ to me. I am also waiting on a Gold 35 Birkin from the H boutique, though, and now I'm kind of nervous whether it will show up with sloppy stitching?

  15. I live in Ohio, the land of horrible shopping. So I often travel to NY or Chicago for the day, buy a bunch of stuff and have them fed ex it to me in Ohio. Save tax $ and dont have to lug a bunch of stuff on the plane. Its a total WIN WIN