Would you pay regular price for display?

  1. Ok..Shockers of Shockers...walked into a Chanel...and did not fall in love...:crybaby:with the item I intended to buy.

    To make matters worse, only the display was left...I figured so many people touch this thing, it's like, do I want to buy it? and is it bad to buy it at regular price?..I was even thinking of haggling..hahahha.. (Sorry, the negotiator-barterer in me started to come out..but didn't) @ Chanel of all places
  2. Yes, I would pay the regular price for a display bag. They are regular bags, not special, cheap 'made for display only.'

    If a bag will get ruined when touched/tried on by a dozen or so women, then such a fragile bag is not for me.
  3. Personally, I would not want to buy a bag that's been on display. It just wouldn't feel right IMO..

    Have you tried another store?
  4. Usually you can get one from the back, but sometimes not. My jumbo flap was on display before I got it, but it was the last one and nothing was wrong with it.
  5. I prefer to not buy the display bag, but I have done so twice.
  6. sure, so long as it's still like new:yes:
    I ask if there's a new one in back stock, if there's not I look over it and haven't ever needed to request a discount.
    I also don't buy bags that can't be handled a little.
  7. i prefer not to buy a display either unless it's a very hard to find bag that's sold out everywhere and it looks like it's in perfect condition. otherwise, i would call around to other stores to see if they can find it first. which bag is it btw?
  8. I usually fall so hard for some of the bags that its hard to get it out of my GRIP. SA practically tugs at it while saying to me "let me get you a fresh one from the back" and then I let go. So, I guess the answer is yes, I would, if it was the last. Sometimes I even throw my "old" bag in the box and leave the store carrying my new one!
  9. I haven't bought a display bag before so I had to think about this one for a bit -- I guess I would buy it! This is given it's in perfect condition, of course. Even if the item wasn't a display, it could have been tried on and returned, etc. If it looks new, why not?
  10. Same here :tup:
  11. i also highly prefer not to buy the display bag, however I've done this for both a Gucci and Marc Jacobs bag...without significant problem...but I'm also a crazy perfectionist and usually scrutinize the bag intensely before I pay any money. Good luck!
  12. I have no problem buying a display, as long as it's not damaged.
  13. I prefer not to. I love getting the bag all brand new with the white felt on it. But sometimes its a must. My first Chanel was actually a display since it was the last one. It looked just as beautiful as a brand new one.
  14. Sure, as long as it's in good condition, I've actually purchased a few bags that were out on display.....
  15. Yes, i will go ahead to pay for the display one if it's the only one left. Also it's one of those that i REALLY WANT IT! Definitely i will~~