Would you pay over retail for the perfect print?

  1. Just curious, how much would you guys be willing to pay over the retail price if the bag you wanted had the perfect print?
  2. yes. perfect print and bag style. in fact, I just paid WAY over retail for a bag... with the perfecto print.... and I am MORE than happy!!!!! :yahoo:
  3. I pay retail... if not I might pay maybe $10 over... I'm a bargain shopper and I figured that I'll come across my perfect bag sooner or later :biggrin:
  4. It definitely would depend on what bag it was and what print. I'd pay a bit more for a PG bag w/a great placement but as far as the newer prints I'm not obsessed with them so I probably wouldn't pay over retail for them.
  5. I wouldn't pay WAYY over..but a lil over, of course.