Would you pay more $$$ for better service???

  1. I am in a predicament. I am doing a order on some items and the first store I called in CA only had one of them, which they are keeping on hold for me.

    Then I called a store in Las Vegas, and found that they had all the items I wanted. YAY! SO they also put it all on hold for me.

    Then this morning I got a message from the really sweet SA from the CA store, who called to say that she remembered that I had wanted the additional items and went ahead and put them on hold for me, when she got the shipment in this morning. Which is soo nice and I can't even believe she remembered! :tup:

    Now I am confused. :confused1: Should I pay more money (TAX is higher in CA) and order from the really nice SA who on her own got the items for me? OR should I order from Las Vegas who had everything I wanted to begin with and has a lower tax? It's a fairly decent order, so tax will definitely make a difference.

    So the question is, would you pay more money for better service?
  2. You are having the items shipped to you right? And I'm assuming you are not in CA or Las Vegas?
    The tax is based on your address, where you ship it to.
  3. I'm doing a charge send. So the tax wouldn't be based on my home address, but on where they do the order. :smile:
  4. Charge Send? Through an Outlet?
    I've had items shipped from the CA outlet, in Carlsbad, and they charged me my local VA tax (5%) instead of the local 7% or whatever it is in CA. It goes off of where you ship it to.

    The boutiques do the same.
  5. Quite simply, yes. I have and will always continue to pay more for better service, whether that means a different tax rate or travelling farther to go to the store with better service. Unless the service is rewarded, in my opinion, it will go away.
  6. Really? Both places told me it would be their local tax! Hmm that's wierd. :confused1:
  7. WHAT?

    Where are you ordering from? The outlet or the boutique?
  8. Sorry for the confusion. Both outlets told me its local tax they charge.
  9. Hmm, that doesn't sound right.
    I did a charge send because I was visiting CA at the time and didn't want to pay that crazy sales tax when my local one was almost 3% cheaper.
    So the chick said, "Let us just ship it to you. If we do that it'll charge YOUR local state tax to where you are sending it. You'll pay 8.50 for shipping, but you'll sure save a heck of alot more."

    And she was right. I saved like 55 bucks. Maybe you can call back and confirm that it's not YOUR local state tax of the ship to address?

    Good luck.
  10. What's a charge send??? I didn't you could have stuff shipped from an outlet!

    Oh, and I would probably pay the difference for the better service... :smile:
  11. Oh dear. You got great service @ both places. I'd get them from the CA girl who went out of her way to make your order complete...