Would you pay full retail for a bag with imperfections?

Jan 1, 2010
I've had the Alma GM in Amarante on my wishlist for such a long time, when I found out they were discontinuing the GM's I decided to finally buy it last month. I also fell in love with Rose Angelique when I was in the store, so I found one in Miami and bought it on Friday. When I got home I noticed one of the corners is slightly dented in.. you can't notice it unless you are really inspecting it. I'm debating whether or not to keep it since the color and size are now discontinued but I feel so wrong paying full price for something that's not perfect.

What are your thoughts?
Feb 23, 2014
Midwest USA
If you are not 100% happy, I would exchange it. If you cannot exchange it because it is discontinued, try to determine if you can live with the imperfections or live without the bag. It sounds like to RA was more of an impulse buy (not on your Wish List). Picture yourself down the road 2-3 years. Might you be more disappointed without the bag or with the imperfection?

Sometimes slight imperfections (even with brand-new-from-the-boutique LVs) make me think I will be more likely to use the bag b/c it already has a slight imperfection. For instance, my husband just bought me a DA Speedy 25, and I did not notice until after I got home that there is a scratch on the handle. Well, I probably will scratch the handle myself over time, so I think I will keep the bag that I have and be a little less afraid to use it.

However, if the dents bother you now, additional dents or potential color transfers on RA might really bother you later.

Sorry -- I am no help at all with this! I just gave you both sides that you already know! Hopefully someone with experience with Vernis dents will chime in. I think I have read that it is difficult to "undent" vernis once it has dented in. Others have said they stuff the bag when it is not in use to fix or to avoid dents. I think I read about vernis dents in the BB clubhouse.

Good luck with your decision! I had to make the same decision myself about the Speedy 25! :smile: Keep us posted!


Handbag Heaven
Sep 21, 2012
If I really wanted it and it was the last one available and the flaw was not noticeable, I think I would.


May 1, 2014
For me it would be depend on the nature of the flaw and the availability of the product. A few tiny scratches on the last one in stock is ok. A large, noticeable gash no way. A dent may not come out.


Be Blessed, MoNikki
Apr 30, 2014
Seems like a lot of these threads are popping up. If you are not satisfied with your purchase and this is going to bother you than return for a full refund or exchange for something else. I myself would like to buy a bag that is perfect but truth is nothing is perfect full priced or discounted. I will use the term darn near perfect. When we look for things we will definitely find them. I am sure if I look over all my bags thoroughly I could find something on each I do not like. I do admit when purchasing a bag I inspect in the boutique and also when I get it home in different lighting - if there is something I do not believe I can live with for the amount of money I paid I return immediately. LV is really not known for discounting because of imperfections.

Be Blessed MoNikki


Jun 8, 2014
If it's something that would really bother me I would absolutely return it. I'm a bit OCD and if I found an imperfection like that it would be the first spot my eye went every time I looked at the bag.