Would you pay full price for RM?


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Apr 19, 2007
You can find the answer to this question in almost any open thread ;) It is an over discossed topic. Here is the answer that most people will give you: Most will not pay full price for an RM except for a few rare style.. wine bags, dark grey, basket weave.. along those lines. There are several styles that will sell quickly at full or even above full retail price but many other styles that will only sell for a good discount.

It all depends on how much you want the bag and how hard it is to find at a discount.

Which bag are you looking to buy?


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Jul 25, 2007
Why didn't I use the search option?! :sweatdrop:

I've been eyeing MA in Iris/purple lizard and am not sure if I should pull the tirgger at full price. What would you suggest that I do? I'm pretty much new to RM, but am familiar with the older, HTF colors and it's too bad that I missed out on all of them :Push:
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Jun 10, 2008
If you were Rebecca Minkoff, how would you feel it people only wanted your bags on sale. I think her designs are great and its obvious in this forum. I'm sure a lot of time and energy went into every bag, so I think they are totally worth it. If you want bargain prices, then you won't get the quality of leather or design. The only reason why bags go on sale is because they aren't selling. Then Rebecca Minkoff stops making them because they aren't selling...then everyone wants the bag back...it's the retail business and you have to support what you love.


Sep 11, 2006
It's tough for a lot of people to buy retail and there used to be so many codes you never had to pay full price. with the advent of codes going away and the state of the economy i would imagine if you wait a month or two any bag you want will be on sale.


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Nov 13, 2006
ITA with these ladies. If it's a hard to find and rare style and I absolutely need to have it, then I'd pay full price. I must shamelessly admit, I forked over the money for a full-price Wine MAM. But I :heart: her so much that to me, she was worth every single penny. They're so rare, I quickly snapped her up when I saw her on RM.com last June. (But I'll probably never purchase another full-price RM bad again. My wallet is still crying! :lol:)


Sep 21, 2006
I think it depends.. if it is a popular bag that it would be gone before it gets on sale then I will. Otherwise I wouldn't. I've seem many current season new bags on ebay/ecrater recently.. There are a couple sellers get their bags from RM directly, and sell them for a lot cheaper than retail. I would check to see also.


May 24, 2008
I think her bag are absolutely 100% worth their retail price. Fantastic quality, and made in the USA (not China!) I think her retail prices are more than reasonable. Her bags are fantastic. :yes: It's just that if I can find a bag on sale, I'm more likely to buy, because I obviously don't have a ton of money to spend right now.


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Oct 27, 2006
Honestly at this point I would not and have not. However if they fix the construction, repair, handle and other issues then I might. :smile:.

Re; how would I feel if I was RM and people here said they were mainly buying my bags on sale... I would not be offended. Rather, I would see this forum as a great resource for finding out what sorts of things I could do to make my bags even more attractive to my biggest fans at the full (and I might add increased as of late) price point. Which IMO goes back to the same issue (repairs, customer service, response time etc.)

Love the bags...love the designer...and just being 100 percent honest here bc I think this kind of feedback will only help RM continue to grow and make fabulous bags that more and more people will want to pay lots of money for!!


Sep 17, 2007
I have paid full retail recently. However I preordered 3 bags. One was a boutique exclusive(EB @LB), one was a remake (light grey mattie)and one I just had to have early (DC Nikki)!! I will probably do it again because I think they are worth it and when I see something on sale I always factor in the length of time I've had it in my hands, before getting upset. That is why I'm okay with my DC Nikki. I wanted a Nikki and was able to use the bag while it was still summer and will be able to use it all through the winter too! So you need to factor in whether you can live without that bag or will you be haunted by not having it???