Would you pay for return shipping on a fake purse?

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  1. She didnt THINK the bag was fake, it WAS fake. Clearly you didnt read everything.
  2. That's not what she is saying. She is saying that if you didn't want a fake Dior to go to a designer store where you know it's authentic. Implying that there are a lot of fakes on eBay.
  3. It really depends, usually I would be too frustrated to even want to deal with the seller even further so I will eat the $10 in shipping it back.
  4. That's how I feel. I am done with it. I think I was upset because 1. the purse was fake 2. I thought the seller agreed to refund on return shipping. But $15 is nothing and I know I won't deal with the seller again, so why bother...

  5. I would expect her tp pay RETURN shipping and you are within your rights to leave negative feedback, the threat of feedback saying fake is a great worry to a seller dont be soft!!! why should you be out of pocket
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