Would you pay for return shipping on a fake purse?

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  1. HandbagAshley, I do see your point, but there is no reason to be frigid towards charleston-mom. Frigid is probably not the right word but I couldn't think of a better word. Sorry.

    While it is true that I got more than what many people did, it still doesn't mean what she did was right. I do appreciate that the seller gave me the refund on the purse and shipping cost but in principle, I shouldn't have to pay for the return shipping cost on a fake purse. She talked about incomplete transaction and paying for the original shipping cost but none of this would have mattered if she sold an authentic purse. Her auction clearly stated "bid with confidence".

    Afterall, my experience wasn't positive and I don't think I should leave her a positive feedback. True, if I leave her a positive feedback, she will probably leave me a positive feed back in return. But I don't think it's right. I just don't feel comfortable giving her a positive feedback...
  3. It's like the twilight zone around here! *doo doo do do* :upsidedown:
  4. ^my thoughts exactly.

    ^I agree. This is why ebay's feedback system is useless, people are afraid to leave neg. feedback out of fear of retaliation. As a buyer, I would benefit from other buyers leaving honest feedback, and she did sell you a fake purse, and you are now out $15 because of her. I honestly don't care if she is out the shipping fees to send the bag to you, it serves her right for selling you a fake bag! Not knowing isn't excuse enough, if she wasn't sure about the authenticy, she should've stated so. It's her responsibility as a seller not to mis represent the items she's selling, and she sold you a fake bag under the pretense that it was authentic, and she def. deserves neg. feedback for that. You don't know for sure that she hasn't done the same thing before. If you do give her a neutral for refunding you, at least you should mention that she tried to sell you a fake bag in her feedback.
  5. Another option is leave no feedback at all. That is what I usually do after an iffy transaction..
  6. If you leave her +ve fb you're just encouraging her to sell fakes.
  7. I agree that is probably best not to leave any feedback in this situation and just keep an eye out if she relists the thing. I'm sorry you were sold a fake. I am glad to hear that the seller did do the right thing and take the bag back and refund your money. We have all read too many stories here of people getting scammed and not getting their money back.
    Whether or not the seller should refund your return shipping fees isn't really the issue here. She does not have to. It's not in ebay's policies, simple as that. I know, it sucks, but that is the nature of the beast. And until there is a change in ebay policy, we have to live with that.
    I'm going through the same thing right now. And I believe that some sellers unintentionally sell fake bags. Believe it or not, some people really cannot tell what a fake bag looks like, because they don't know what a real one is supposed to look like.
  8. I really think she SHOULD mention that the bag was fake in her feedback. We all hate fake bags, right? Wouldnt you want to know if the seller you were potentially going to buy from sold a fake bag in the past? It really doesnt matter that it was unintentional...the fact is she sold a fake bag, period.
  9. Thank you! I am not saying she should be off the hook for selling a fake bag. All I am saying is that she did the right thing by PayPal and eBay. She said she contacted them and to verify that you can call and ask the same question "Should I get return shipping back or is it optional?" See what they say?

    If you are still unsure, just don't leave any feedback.

    Doing two wrong things to make a right doesn't solve any problem. She tried to solve the problem and in fact did. You told her it was a fake, she apologized, you returned the purse, and she gave a refund. Giving her negative or neutral feedback to "teach her a lesson" won't do anything. It will probably just make her angry and she'll leave you negative feedback to "teach you a lesson". I think you just need to stop the conflict cycle in a mature way. Be the bigger person and realize that someone has to step up stop trying to be a RIGHT FIGHTER (having to be right all the time).

    [​IMG] If a claim is resolved in my favor, do I have to pay for return shipping?

    [​IMG] Yes. If PayPal resolves the significantly not as described claim in favor of the buyer, the merchandise must be returned to the seller at the expense of the buyer.

    She was correct in what she did. You guys are involving your emotions about fake purses. I agree no one likes a fake purse, but that's not the issue. The issue is whether the seller did the right thing. These policies are created with lawyers and executives. Obviously, this is the lawful thing to do.
  11. Leaving feedback isn't to cause conflict, IMO, it's information meant for other potential buyers, to give them a platform in which to evaluate a seller's reliability. The way it is now, with people being afraid of leaving less than positive feedback when it's warranted, the feedback system has little to no purpose at all. Personally, I have nothing against buying from someone who don't have a perfect feedback score, as long as I can tell from their response that they were not at fault, so I wouldn't let the idea of receiving retaliatory feedback scare me.
  12. I agree with HandbagAshley. The seller did the right thing. She probably could have tried to fight having to refund the original shipping, but she did refund it. I tend to agree that she didn't know it was fake, and she has taken the correct steps to resolve the issue. Large stores that sell online don't pay for return shipping. I just bought some clothes online from OldNavy.com that I need to exchange and will be billed to ship them back.

    As far as the feedback you will leave, I think you should leave neutral feedback. But, that's up to you.
  13. Yeah Sephora doesn't do it either, even if you have serious allergy reactions to the product!
  14. Then lucky you, indeed!! This never happened to me before.
  15. Don't expect the seller to be out of pocket because you think the bag is fake. Don't buy from eBay if you want guaranteed genuine designer items, why don't you go to the store for genuine stuff?
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