Would you pay for return shipping on a fake purse?

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  1. Yikes! I've never been refunded return shipping. To me it's kind of like shopping on line. So few companies offer free shipping and returns if you're unsatisfied. It sucks but it seems as if she's dug in her heels about the retun shipping refund. I know you feel wronged and are probably angry. I have been. I'd leave her a neutral if anything other than positive not a negative. Good luck and sorry about the hassle.
  2. I agree. The seller should consider herself lucky that you didn't try to get her kicked off ebay for selling fakes. Why should a buyer have to pay anything when someone is doing something as dishonest as that????:nuts:
  3. She sold you a fake, and claimed she didn't know it was a fake. She is being petty not to refund you your shipping costs, no matter what ebay or PayPal says.

    I once got a handbag from Hong Kong (and will never bid on any foreign auctions again because of this experience) and it wasn't leather and REEKED of chemicals. The return shipping was like $30; I felt taken but was grateful to be getting refunded, minus the return fees.

    I agree with varied-obsessions about just leaving a neutral.
  4. I'm betting she knew it was a fake. Sorry, the tone of her emails makes me believe it. I guess you'll know if and when it shows back up on Ebay. She's lucky it didn't get destroyed.

    As far as return shipping, you should have held out and not sent it until you got your refund. You had the ball in your court until you shipped it back. I think it would be a "crime" for you to leave her anything better than Neutral. I'd still say that the purse was a fake, but that she did refund you. That will protect any potential new buyer from the same headache you just experienced if she lists it again.
  5. In the past, I got a refund on return shipping on a separate transaction. The seller sent me money through PayPal. The last time this happened was this year actually.

  6. The seller said she would not relist it on eBay and asked me not to mention
    the purse being fake. I am upset with her about accusing me for assuming
    things when she was in fact ambiguous with her reply. She told me that she
    assumed the bag was authentic because it was given to her by her rich
    aunt. She should have checked for authenticity before listing on eBay.

    Varied_obsessions, jmcadon, kemilia,imonpurseblog
    Thank you for your input. I think many of us have been in this situation
    but the outcome was quite different. From what you guys said, I will leave
    her a neutral feedback. I believe she won't relist it on eBay and since she
    hasn't sold any fake purses so far. I won't mention the bag being fake. I
    used to be afraid of retaliatory negative feedbacks but I guess this creates
    a vicious cycle. Buyers don't know about negative experiences with
    many sellers because everyone leaves a positive feedback to get a positive
    feedback for themselves. I wish eBay would change their current feedback
  7. One of my friends in US received a fake purse from UK. She sent it back in exchange for a refund and it got intercepted at UK customs, they found out it was a fake and she got in trouble for it. Be careful when mailing fake goods. At least include a printed note within parcel to state that it's a fake and you're returning it, that way you may be able to cover yourself.
  8. I agree totally. This is a business transaction and if you had returned it to the store you wouldn't have gotten your return shipping back or the original shipping. I think she did more than she needed to by giving back your original shipping.

    I would leave her positive and say gave full refund minus the return shipping, because that's exactly what she did.

    You can also save her as a seller and watch to see if she relists it. If she does report her to eBay and then you will feel satisfied. If not, you'll see she was honest and stood by her word to not relist.
  9. Why in the WORLD would you leave this woman a positive? She sold you a $400 fake, counterfeit handbag. I would leave her a negative, just clearly stating the bag was a counterfeit but that she refunded your money minus shipping. At least give other people a chance to know that she is doing that. I imagine she has sold many people fake bags and has done the same thing to each one - asking for a positive in return for refunding the money. This just isn't right. Somebody needs to stand up and give her a negative so that it won't happen to someone else. Please don't give her a positive. Ebay would be a better place if feedback was something we could really trust.
  10. Obviously, you haven't read the previous responses by greenabyss.

    She said that all of her feedback are authentic purses. I really believe the seller on this one. She did exactly what Paypal told her to do. She also never agreed to give you the return shipping. She also stated that she tried and Paypal refused the amount.

    Ebay has turned into a place that people don't want to use anymore because of the feedback system. People are leaving negative feedback for the wrong reasons. Greenabyss, if you sit back and think about it she really gave you more than most people get with refunds. Anywhere else you would've been our the original shipping AND THE RETURN SHIPPING. She was doing the right thing with give you the original shipping, because she in fact had to pay for that because she gave you back everything you paid:

    + 400+ cost for this transaction
    - She used that money to pay for the shipping to you= -shipping
    you returned the bag
    -she refunded you 400+
    total= seller is out original shipping

    The seller has already paid for this transaction. She shouldn't even have to pay you the original because that was contingent upon the completion of the transaction. That transaction didn't occur so, she really should only refund you for the cost of the purse not for the cost of the purse, the original shipping, and the return shipping.

    She has positive feedback from lots of sellers, right? You said they are mostly Coach? Coach is the most popular brand right now, and the easiest I think to detect if it's fake. She would've had plenty of negative feedback if she was selling fake Coach. She doesn't ... so therefore I believe her about not knowing if it was real or not.

    I personally buy Coach and Kooba. I wouldn't even know where to get a Dior handbag. It's not like you can buy them easily. You have to go to high end stores and plazas...or online. Maybe she didn't have a way to authenticate it.

    I would give her the benefit of the doubt. Leave her positive feedback, she'll give you positive feedback and be done with it. Let this go.

    It's not worth the stress. :shame:

  11. Whichever way you look at it, she sold a fake. I wouldnt give her any credit for that
  12. I agree. I absolutely 100% stand behind the buyer being refunded 100% for ALL costs involved with the purchase of a FAKE. It is illegal to sell, illegal to ship.

    A scammed buyer (whether intentional or NOT) should not be penalized for the seller's "mistake" (which in this case, it could be, that's not for me to judge) or for the seller's CRIME.

    I think feedback in this case, should be a NEUTRAL. Stating very plain facts with no emotion behind them. "Seller mistakenly sold me a fake - offered refund"
  13. OMG! please don't give her a positive. Are you KIDDING me? If you believe her story, then at best she deserves a Neutral. She shouldn't list the bag if she's unsure of it's authenticity. That's her responsibility as a Seller. So, at BEST she should get a Neutral, and that's just for refunding. She in no way should get a Positive. She FAILED to authenticate (by whatever means she could). It's illegal to sell a fake, even "accidentally", BTW.
  14. sarahloveslouis,
    looks like we were writing at the same time. I totally agree!
  15. I dont know what the official policies are, but I think that if the bag is fake then the seller SHOULD refund the return shipping! A fake bag is not what she thought she was buying. If she knew the bag was fake she would never have bought it, hence she would have never spent the shipping fee's either way. Since the sale was made on false pretenses it's the seller who should be responsible.

    I have in the past asked a seller before bidding on a bag, if the bag turned out to be fake if she would refund the return shipping. A good majority of the times I've asked they said they would! Luckily I've never had to follow thru with it tho.
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