Would you pay for return shipping on a fake purse?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    This may be long so please read it with patience. I want to know if requesting for refund on return shipping of a fake bag is considered unreasonable. My issue is not about the money but what should be a proper way to handle fake purse purchases on eBay. I am including actual emails to avoid ambiguity in my explanation or any bias I might create with my own words.

    I have bought a fake Dior Gaucho from a seller with 100% positive feedbacks. She mainly sells Coach and her auction stated that the Gaucho was a gift. Since she had a nice feedback and her auction said "bid with confidence. 100% positive feedbacks", I bought the purse from her for over $400.

    When I received it, I immediately knew it was fake. According to the eBay Gaucho guide from a wonderful tPF member, I knew the things to look for. I sent an email to the seller and this is what I said:

    She replied:
    So I sent the package insured. She filed a dispute to get her fees back so I did that too. Then she said

    I even agreed to that because I felt bad for her. She thanked me and I thought it's settled. Several days after, I received the refund on the purse and not on the return shipping. When I asked her, she said she contacted PayPal and they said buyer pays for the return shipping.

    I wrote:
    She wrote me back:
    After this, it just got worse. I told her that I will leave her a negative feedback and don't mind a retaliatory feedback from her since I don't think I was wrong. She told me to do what I wish to do. She said she stuck to her words then sent me another email
    Do you think she was clear with her words when she said she would issue me a refund? I didn't think I assumed things. I told her that I would file a claim if she disagreed with my terms and she just told me to return it. She said I didn't have to send the bag back, but how else could she make sure for herself that the bag was fake without comparing it to the guides? She also said she would issue me the refund after receiving the bag, so what she says doesn't make sense.

    This bothers me a lot because I unintentionally bought three fake purses on eBay in the past and got refund on both on merchandise and return shipping. It's not about wasting $15 but I don't see why this seemed unreasonable to the seller. I can see that she didn't know about the bag being fake but if I were her, I would definitely issue a refund on return shipping and apologize. Do you think leaving her a negative feedback is not fair? I want to know what you think and if you had a similar experience. Thank you.
  2. In my experience buying fakes, I've been refunded the original purchase price and shipping but I had to eat the return shipping. You, the buyer, will be out the return shipping and the seller will be out the original shipping.

    Did she refund you the original shipping and the purchase price? Then the return shipping is your responsibility. I don't think she's out of line.
  3. Yes she did. So I guess she wasn't being unreasonable and I was lucky with the other sellers who did refund me for the return shipping costs.
  4. Eeek, tough situation! I'm so sorry your gaucho wound up being fake :tdown:.

    I hate to say it, but she really wasn't clear about refunding you the shipping (and probably for a reason). While I think sellers of fake bags should always pay shipping both ways, I know this is not always the case. In the past I have demanded that they pay the return shipping prior to me shipping the purse back to them. I think you have more power and persuasion when you are threatening to report them to ebay and paypal. Now that she has the purse and has refunded you the initial money, there's really no basis for a claim and she knows it. I dn't think there's any way to mandate she pay you for return shipping. I would still consider this a won battle though- you found out it was a fake AND got a refund without too much of a hassle. I'm sure it won't make you feel better but it could have been worse. At least you did get the insurance so she can't make any claim about not receiving it or it being damaged.

    I'm sorry about the bag, I really hope you find an authentic one for a GREAT price :flowers:
  5. echo_23, thanks for making me feel better. :biggrin: I really should be happy about getting my money back. Maybe I should have been more forceful and not close the dispute until I got the refund. She made it sound like I had to close the dispute to get my money back and now I know better.

    I don't want to force her to pay for the return shipping but wanted to know why she acted as if I did something wrong. She was a very sweet person in the beginning but changed her attitudes afterwards. I am still undecided about leaving her a negative feedback. I will think about it much later when I am more calm. :yes:
  6. It is PayPal's policy that the buyer has to pay for return shipping. She definitely has given you back more than I have gotten in the past. Usually, sellers don't even give you back the original shipping because you in fact received the bag and when she receives it back she doesn't get back the original shipping. I would be happy with the refund and give her positive feedback because she indeed gave you a full refund. You don't have to be too explicit with the feedback. Just say- Didn't like the handbag, seller gave refund. I wouldn't leave her negative and deal with that being on your feedback as well. If you leave her positive she will do the same. You don't want to risk future purchases of your own with negative feedback. I know if I am selling something and the bidder has negative feedback, I usually cancel their bids because I don't want to deal with the hassle they might cause. IMHO. Hope it works out for you.
  7. I didn't know you were a tPF member too... I won't say much more but will consider your suggestion.

  8. What are you talking about?
  9. I sent you a private message. I am sorry if I made a mistake!
  10. IMHO, the seller should be required to pay shipping both ways if an item ends up being fake. Why should a buyer have to pay shipping for something they didn't intentionally purchase (the fake!)? The seller should be out the shipping since it is on them to make sure that what they are selling is authentic if they are advertising it that way.
  11. In all my past ebay purchases that resulted in a return (not many, I guess), I have never been refunded for return shipping...I never asked either, though.
  12. valkyrie360, what you said was exactly what I thought (and I still think this way). If I wanted to return the purse just because I changed my mind, I should be refunded only on the merchandise, no shipping on either way. But since the bag was fake, I thought return shipping should paid by the seller.
    Oh well, eBay's policies don't always make sense. We all know that. :Push:

  13. I agree that in the case of fakes/snads that all shipping costs should be covered by the seller. I think though with ebay being the way it is you should just be happy that you got the most of your money back. Was in a similiar situation not to long ago, and just chalked up the shipping cost as a lesson learned, and will never buy anything possibly faked on ebay again.
  14. I think you are lucky to have got the original costs back. Many people have so much trouble.
    I got a fake last year and claimed through Paypal. I got most of the money back, she cleared up her account so I couldnt get the full amount, but I did pay return shipping...
  15. Lucky you! But how do they refund you return shipping? The amount you pay for is the item itself and shipping to you, so when you return the item, that is the only amount they can send back to you, how then do they refund you return shipping fee?
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