Would you pay for PCE?

  1. I ran across an ad from someone who recived two of the 25% off coupons. She wants to sell the second for $25. What I want to buy would still give me a nice discount minus the $25 but I want you opinion. Would you pay for PCE?
  2. I have seen the PCE coupon being sold on e-bay too...
  3. Don't buy a coupon without asking your boutique for the discount first. A lot of stores will give it to anyone who asks. If you ask, and if they say no, you have to ask yourself if you are going to spend enough to make the purchase of a coupon worth it. If you are planning to spend more than $200 I think it's worth considering.
  4. Personally, it would irritate me to buy something that someone gets for free-jmo. But if you still get a large discount and you really need a bag I say go for it. $25.00 sounds a little high, though. I seen them go for around $8-10 on eBay before.
  5. If you are planning to buy the bag anyway and you would be getting a substantial discount, go for it.

    I don't begrudge people who did get one free from selling it. They earned it with their previous purchases and can do with it what they please. Both buyer and seller make out in the transaction.
  6. I would buy it but I don't know if I would for 25...

  7. Thanks for the tip Mokoni. I will try that first. :smile:
  8. Well, I think my younger sister is going to take the plunge and buy one--there are 3 of us, so the cost will be minimal compared to what we'll save on that one big shopping spree! So I guess it will be worth it. But if it was just me, I don't know that I would buy it. I might just wait and see if any of my 'wants' ended up on sale at Dillard's later.
  9. I have in the past, before I knew how to get a PCE.
  10. Nope.
  11. Not more than $5.
  12. it is worth chatting with your SA's ladies when you visit the store. You get to know them and they remember you as a client, they want the sale. If I was making a large purchase of 300+ I would go in, presale and talk with someone, the manager and say I want to make a purchase and understand there is an event coming up, I am new to your store but not the brand and would love an invitation. You will get it. This is one of those times when how you present yourself will factor, I know there is debate on that already, but you are asking for a substantial discount, it would be worht the extra time in the bathroom.

    goodluck. it worked for me the first time and I have gotten cards and not and still called last night for an appointment to preshop
  13. thanks to everyone for the input and ideas. i got the girl to come down to $10 but i will go into the store tmw b4 i meet her and see if i can use my charms and get the discount without the card. i really should not be doing any shopping though...lol
  14. No, never.
  15. They are giving it to everyone, no need to buy a card.