Would you pay Extra $$ for a Dustbag .......

  1. on an eBay auction that you won???

    I won a Chanel bag and the auction stated if it ended over $800 he would includ a Dustbag, I won but for $690 but I still asked if I could get the Dustbag ... he says yes, for $20 .... what would YOU do?
  2. That is ridiculous. Don't pay for it! Most Chanel boutiques will give it to you for free.

  3. Really? I wondered about that ... I am going to go to the Boutique to buy a Cambon bag for my DD so should I just ask for one then? What do I say? :shame:
  4. yes!!!!!!!!!!!your dog ate it
  5. Can you obtain dustbags from the Chanel store for a vintage bag? I inherited an olive leather tote and a black Cambon messenger and neither had a dustbag with it. Do I really need to say the "dog" ate it, or can I explain the above situation?
  6. Don't get the dustbags!Mine stained my bag!

    My bag was slightly moist when I put it in the dustbag (which is made of cloth) and when I took it out, my bag had black stains at the side! I got a terrible shock! Fortunately the SA was able to remove all the stains (After about 2+ hours)... NOw I put them in my fendi dust bag.... nylon and won't stain...

  7. :roflmfao:

    Ok, so I just paid for the bag, no dustbag ... Thanks !!
  8. LUCKY YOU!! did you end up winning that chanel kelly?
  9. I know that they have lots of extra ones lying around so it is not a big deal for them to give it to you. Start a relationship with a Chanel SA, then you can get your dustbag, invites to the trunk show and a call for the presale. Good luck!
  10. I hate when an auction states you have to pay for the dustbag if you want it, what a jerk!!!

    Glad you didn't buy it, Chanel will give you another one.
  11. ITA! :yes:
  12. Are you absolutely sure the Boutique will give us an extra dustbag? I don't want to embarrass myself when the SA looks at me pathetically... and tells me no.

    What is the excuse for needing an extra one? I lost mine. Is that a good enough excuse?
  13. i personally would not pay for a dust bag. try and see if you can get one from Chanel.
  14. I cannot stand sellers who do that!!!!!!!! it's understandable if the bag didnt come with one and you're including one of your own but the damn bag comes with a FREE dustbag. charging for boxes is understandable since boxes tend to be heavier and bigger than a dustbag but $20 for a dustbag is ridiculous. I'm extremely glad you didnt get it!

    When you go pick up a bag for you DD, just mention that you've been using your purse a lot and seem to have misplaced your dustbag, ask if they have an extra one that they can give you

  15. :shame: I did! :shame:

    I just bought one from NM two weeks ago but haven't used it yet and then this pops up ... I wasn't going to bid but when the price didn't move from the $600's I just couldn't pass up putting in a bid :p I'm saving almost $900!!

    There were a few cons, no dustbag, box or tags, but I plan on keeping it and if I can get a dustbag from Chanel ... worth $900 Savings to me :yes:

    Thanks everyone!!!