Would you pay $9700.00 for this?

  1. No. If it were more my style, then yes.
  2. Maybe, depending on how it looked in person and if everything was real.

    It would be so much hotter if it was all leather.
  3. No I can't say that I would.
  4. Not my type of bag... so NO.
  5. it was removed from eBay--- that was QUICK!
  6. I dont' know why on earth they decideed to do it in monogram. It would've been so much better in leather, like suhali or vernis. IMo not good.
  7. No i don't really like it... You could get several beautiful bags for that :smile:

  8. It is showing up for me???

    I wouldn't buy it.
  9. Or you could get a bag you liked, regardless of the price.
  10. Buy it - I'd sell my soul for that bag!!!

    J-Lo has it too
  11. Wowee....not my thing...but I can see it's value!
  12. Have you seen it IRL?
  13. No. LV is not worth that much to me (whether or not I like the bag, in this case, no again.) Hermes - yes.
  14. I like it.