Would you pay $600 more for a double flap than a single flap?


Aug 31, 2020
I'm going against the opinions expressed above for one simple reason. If you'd like your CF to retain its shape, go for a double flap. To minimize the weight, if that's an issue for you, carry less stuff inside.
This! Single flaps will sag. I sold mine as it got creased during travel and I packed it very well!


Jul 14, 2020
I like the look of the double flap because of the positioning of the grommets being different - so I think it sticks out more rather than lying flat on the body, which I think looks nice especially on taller people.
Personally I can’t handle the weight however so I would go a single flap. The double flap is more expensive on the pre loved market and I don’t think $600 is unreasonable.
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Mar 10, 2012
I don't find double flap to be heavy or much heavier than single flap. Depends if you want to go for practicality vs aesthetic. Single flap is slightly lighter (I'm talking about a lb at most) and can hold more, but double flap holds its shape better, have a more structured look that I personally prefer, so yes I'd pay a little extra just so my bag would look nicer. If I want something lightweight and practical, I got my lululemon belt bag and uniqlo bag for that purpose.
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The Girl Who Flies
Oct 8, 2009
Double Flap's for me all the way. Nothing against Single Flaps, I've just seen so many loose their shape and develop a point in the Flap which I personally don't care for. I like structure in my bags and I'd be paranoid through using a Single that it would slowly loose its shape over time.
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Mar 29, 2008
I am hands down a single flap chick so very biased here in regards to which one I’d choose.

All of my jumbos are single flaps. I prefer the lightweightedness and the extreme ease of getting in and out of the bag. I use my flaps quite a bit these days — no sagging issues, but YMMV I suppose depending on how hard one is on their bags.

I have a few m/l flaps for size reasons — that double flap drives me nuts at times.

Here is a pic for some single flap inspiration! D43733F6-8A69-4BCE-A1AF-5F488A981519.jpeg