Would You Pay $20,000 For A Belt ?

  1. The accessory you'll need to tighten your belt for

    16th October 2006 (U.K)

    First we had the £800 handbag. Now another highly priced accessory is poised to hit the shops.

    In a bid to loosen the purse strings of the rich, famous - and those with more money than sense, a belt costing £20,000 goes on sale today.

    It features an 18-carat gold buckle and includes 70 gold pyramid studs on a leather base and is made by fashion label Money.

  2. I say I wouldn't but if I had the money, anything is possible! I guess to some people belts are more important than bags and certainly paying $20,000 isn't an issue to some if the perfect Hermes came up. ;)
  3. If I was in the market for a piece of fine jewellery, of around that value and instead, I found a gorgeous belt with a gold, gemstone embellished buckle - perhaps.

    But, I can't say I would for that belt, as I don't particularly like it...

    If it was only the buckle that was made from gold, not only could it be more of a feature, but when the leather of the belt started wearing out, or you tired of its colour, it would be easier to replace the leather.
  4. I dont think i would pay 20.000 for a belt.
  5. Aside from the fact, I have no money and a lot sense I would never pay 20,000 GP or even an equivent sum of USD for that! Heck, I would not pay $US20,000 for for that chunk of gaudy!
    I like my accessories understated and to focus the attention on ME. Besides, I have better uses for gold.
  6. Not 20,000 but my Dh paid $1000 once by mistake for a belt!!! He went shopping, and he NEVER looks at prices...he just assumes that from where he goes...things will be in a certain price range. He saw a nice belt that he likes, bought it, had it cut to size, and proudly wore it home! Later when I was looking at all the reciepts, I asked him what he had bought for $1000, at this particular shop. He told me that the only thing he got was this leather belt....well...turned out it was crocodile...and very overpriced!! He almost died!! Anytime he brings up my shopping...I just point at his waist, and the belt he will be wearing for the rest of his life!!!
  7. Not for that belt ... but I love jeweled belts, especially those that can be converted into necklaces. Those can be quite pricey.... Similar to what cholehandbags said....
  8. that belt is a guady mess, I dislike yellow gold,not my cup of tea =D
  9. nope, not for a belt.

  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:


    That ought to teach him that shopping's a serious matter and that you need to concentrate!

    I hope he really likes his forever belt! :lol:
  11. That belt looks like it would weigh a tonne. Which is really stupid considering belts are supposed to help keeps yer pants UP?? Besides, it's ugly.

    More $$ than sense? In that case I am sure it'll show up on many celebs.
  12. i would pay 20k for a belt

    but not that belt :biggrin:
  13. ew! For the tacky nouveau riche punk
  14. not for that belt...it's hideous!
  15. No $20,000 belts for me. I balked at the idea of plunking down $20 for a belt even though I desperately needed one. Nobody ever sees my belt, so what's the point of spending big bucks on it?