Would you pay $14,500 for a etoupe Birkin?

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  1. Hiiii everybody!!! I am totally new to Hermes...only have an Evelyne and a bracelet....both Orange. I had an Etoupe Evelyne but sold it. I REALLY want a birkin!!!! This gorgeous Etoupe Birkin has gold hardware size 35 Stamp O. Would you pay $14,500? I have been in the Chanel forum for so long so this is my first experience in the Hermes forum!! Thanks for any advice!!!
  2. Hi smile4me6,

    Is it a new Birkin or a used one? I think if it's troublesome for you to get a B at a boutique, and only if it's in new condition, it's worth it. Étoupe birkins from resellers seem to start from $16,900. That's the lowest price point I've seen from a reseller. I think whether or not the bag is in clemence or togo makes a bit of difference in the price as well. I've noticed they were "cheaper" in clemence. Hope this helps!
  3. Is there any chance you will spend enough/develop enough of a relationship to be offered a Birkin? If so, it is my understanding that Etoupe is not very difficult to come by, and that way you don't have to deal with the markup. I personally would save the reseller extortion for a color you cannot get otherwise. However, if you don't plan to buy other H stuff, it may be worth it to you to get exactly what you want right now!
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  4. First of all, welcome to H. :biggrin:. Love the red Chanel flap in your avatar btw.

    As for the Etoupe Birkin; I think the price is a bit steep, but that's me.
    I don't know where you are located, as in some places luxury items are more expensive than in other places.
    I am located in Europe myself, and I wouldn't pay that price for a Birkin, as it's a few thousands over retail here.
    I believe current retail for a 35B in Togo here in Europe is approx. 7100 Euro. If I do a quick search, USD 14,500 is approx 10,483 Euro.

    I don't think Etoupe is that hard to get, perhaps you can tell your SA you are interested in an Etoupe Birkin and go from there to see if you can get it straight from the boutique.
    If that doesn't work out, then you could consider to buy it from a reseller.
    Good luck :smile:!
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  5. It's used with a little wear on the corners and it's in Togo. It's not really troublesome to get to the boutique but I have heard you have to do this and then that to even be offered a Birkin. Thank you for your response!!!
  6. What's the condition? If it's mint, that is a fair price! Corners can be spa'ed, but I would evaluate based on if it's a thin or thick skin, and also how floppy it is and your tolerance for slouch.

    Yes, etoupe is not impossible to get. But etoupe is very popular, and etoupe with gold is one of the most requested birkin combinations. Usually there is a long list at any store for this. It is much easier to get most other seasonal colors, but black with gold and etoupe with gold will usually go to regulars who have to wait awhile.
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  7. Well, thank goodness etoupe is not hard to find!! I really don't know what I will spend there....but if it's anything like Chanel....it will be a slippery slope!!:smile:

  8. I am located in the US and there is a boutique in my city....I will try to mention it to my SA and see what she says. I just don't like the waiting game....it's all about immediate gratification for me. LOL. I need to work on my patience!!! BTW, thank you for the compliment of my Chanel!!! She is very pretty but nothing compared to a Birkin:smile:

  9. It's in great condition with a little wear...I love floppy bags...structured bags seem to get heavy. HOWEVER, I don't want the most popular bag either...like a classic Chanel flap that is black with gold/ silver HW.
  10. I paid the same amount for an Etoupe with phw. It was new tho and I m so happy. I was aware that I will spend more if I had to get it from the boutique and most likely wait for awhile. For a used one .....nahhhh.
    You can probably grab a very good condition B for less than $10,000. Its a matter of how much patience and perseverance you have Goodluck.

  11. Less than 10,000??!!!?? I'm going to have to really work on some patience!!! My SA is on vacation until next week....so I'll go in and see her then!!!
  12. I would wait. Etoupe is a fairly common colour in Hermes bags. If you can wait :smile:
  13. Sounds like Etoupe is really common....how about rouge Casaque with Palladium hardware? Do you think 15,000 is too much for that?
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  14. If it is a used one, it is a bit steep. I've noticed that business is slow on Ebay and the same bags have been around for a while. Perhaps you can negotiate with the seller down to $13-14? Since it is not a 2013 or 2014 production and is a used one, the markup should not be more than $3K. A markup of $3-4K may seems a lot but if you think of the time and money that you need to spend on other products to get a chance to be offered the bag, it is definitely worth buying from a reseller. $3-4K only buys you a couple of cashmere shawls and some small stuff. It may not be a sufficient spend for your SA to consider you a candidate of a B.
  15. By common, what other members are saying is that the color will not be discontinued so the stores tend to order it each year as a staple. However, the route to getting offered a B is still long. Especially given that you're far away from a store and cannot show your face often enough for them to remember.Also, I'm not sure how big your store is. Small H stores that do not generate a lot of revenues tend to get less Bs & Ks allocation from corporate. That would also mean a longer wait and to compete on spend amount with other customers.

    RC is a new Red that will be a staple color that most stores will order. Again, not all stores are equal and can order as many as they can. H still wants to keep the exclusivity and rareness factor to sustain demand.
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