Would you pay £130 for perfection?

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  1. I've a question - I picked up my ink alexa today and it is perfect. The leather is grainy and even and gorgeous. Even DH likes it and that says a lot. The issue is I got it from John Lewis full price even though I have a SH discount card which would save me £130 from Mulberry (but this would cost £30 in rail fare). The biggest part of me thinks the extra money is worth it for such a perfect specimen but the mean streak in me thinks it is wrong not to try to save money. What do you all think?
  2. If it is perfect for you then stop double guessing....as you are only saving £100 when you take off the £30 railfare and then your time and energy look around the mulberry shops in london for the perfect one.... so stop beating yourself up and enjoy and forget about the money... as I sure you would use up £100 worth of your time...
  3. oh see that would play on my mind and i would have to try and get one as cheap as possible :smile:
  4. As a student, I'm not in a position to spend £100 on perfection. That said, I wouldn't settle for a nearly perfect bag. I'd either go to London and hope I found another perfect bag or don't by the bag at all. :P

    Blue: You're doing so well on your diet, your family sounds lovely and you're a fantastic person - you do deserve your perfect Alexa! And think of the other expences a London trip would bring..
  5. It all depends - do you have time to go to the Mulberry shop and compare the one you think is perfect to what they have in stock?
    They may not have one as good; as the grain and quality seem to vary a lot with the Alexa.
    Mind you £100 would buy you a lovely Mitzy pouch!
    If it was me and it wasn't too much of a trek, I would go and compare while holding onto the JL one in case there was nothing as nice in Mulberry.
  6. I think I would keep the beautiful perfect one because you love her 100%. Saving £130 would be great but you may not find one you like better. If you were going to London anyway then you could always check out the stores there just in case and if you found another you liked the same then swap them, saving £100.....but I honestly think that if you can afford to....just keep the perfect one from John Lewis and love her to bits. So my vote goes for keep the perfect John lewis one.
  7. Blue- I know it bugs me at times if I think I've missed out on a good deal/paid too much for something but now you have a perfect bag that you love and you're not worn and frazzled after a busy day in London. Between the train, lunch, a few small purchases here and there, there wouldn't be much left over.

    you work hard, you're a busy mother and wife-YOU'RE WORTH IT:yahoo:
    (sorry to shout!)
  8. I think if you factor in travelling to London, buying a travelcard for the tube/taxi, lunch and all the other things that are sure to catch your eye that you never intended to buy....not to mention your time (especially if it is a day off from work)...then it might work out very much the same.

    I would be satisfied with the bag you have and use the SH discount for the next amazing bag.

    HaHa mamabenny...we crossed posts, but said the same exact thing.
  9. In short: YES!!!!!!

    Ditto to everything mamabenny said. :smile:
  10. That is a very tough one. If you go to london to compare then you will have wasted £30 if thay do not have one as nice. Do you know anyone in London who is well up enough on mulberry to go and check the stock for you and report back?
  11. That's so true IWANB.
    You could end up costing yourself an extra £30 in the end Bluecat.
    Why do we always second-guess ourselves??? Even though I said differently in my previous post perhaps the right answer is "be glad you found the perfect bag and don't question yourself anymore".
  12. oooh its a toughie, because a hundred pounds is alot of money. But I would want the most perfect bag possible, and you really did fall hard for this ink that you saw IRL.

    I would play devils advocate, as London always cost me alot more money than I ever plan to spend ;) coffees, lunch, the inevitable extra keyring etc etc ;), that it could actually end up costing you alot more!!!

    I am desperate now for the oak leopard regular size, and was kicking myself for not grabbing the one on my wardrobe last week for 25 percent off, BUT it wasnt to be and I have reconciled myself to saving up and paying full price for one. Its whats ok with you that counts Blue :smile:
  13. Do you think that any of the alexas will make it to the sale Chloe? I suppose it would be a gamble for you to wait though? Maybe the leopards and butter would be most likely to make sale as more people might prefer to play safe and proven with ink and oak? So many questions, lol,
  14. Absolutely yes, the 100 you would save would probably end up spent on other things, lunch.. travel cards etc.

    You fell in love with the Alexa you have, and visited it for weeks. One from london will never be the one that made you fall! I think I would feel a bit like the i was taking second best and wouldn't love it as much if I went for another one... I think I would always wish I got 'that perfect Alexa' instead.
  15. Blue, i thought you had some JL vouchers to offset here?

    One thing we know about Alexa for sure is that there are huge variations in terms of leather quality, graining and finish.

    most of the London stores have waiting lists and when new deliveries come in they are sent to the wait listers....unless you know that stores have 3 or 4 sitting here waiting for you to look them over, i strongly suspect that your hypothetical day to London may turn out like mine of Alexa's release date, 11 january, a cold expensive exhausting fiasco.

    I would strongly recommend that you enjoy the bag you have, remind yourslef that you work Blooming hard for these treats - not just at work but at home too, and let Alexa love you as she ought to. xxx