would you pair this nonLV charm with this bag?


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Aug 13, 2011
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Honest opinions are strongly appreciated! Would you pair this coach charm with your LV? THe hardware tone looks almost identical. But it still is a nonLV charm. I would use this on both my damier speedy and this alma... IDK how I feel about mixing brands? This is a bad picture, I will try to take another in the morning:

thank you!


Jun 12, 2010
It looks cute, but it is totally up to you. I personally don't buy LV charms because some of them are the price of a wallet! I love Coach too, so no problem mixing the two brands if you wish, especially since not obvious that it is a Coach charm.


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Jul 30, 2010
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it's fine. I've got a YSL charm on my Bloomie and I've seen some really cute Coach charms. As long as you like it I think it's fine!


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Oct 5, 2011
I think the charm is really pretty and mixing designers is fine. I do think your Alma is stunning on its own though :smile: But that's just my opinion :smile:
Jan 10, 2011
Honestly I think it takes away from the beauty of your alma. It already has a lot going on with the LV logos, I think. It is a very clean, sophisticated look without it. The charm is also a little small imo. Whatever you choose, charm or no charm.... Enjoy your bag. It's gorgeous!


Apr 3, 2009
I think it's cute! I don't mind mixing brands as long as you don't mix too loud patterns (like different monogram patterns or such) together.
Jul 3, 2006
I wouldn't personally hang a charm of any sort on a vermis alma. It will scratch it terribly and over time could even cause it to peel, both where it is attached, and where it constantly rubs. If it does, that is not fixable. Since I also agree its too busy and the bag is much more stunning without it, I sure wouldn't risk marring and/or permanently ruining your beautiful alma.

Also, with any charm hanging from any LV bag, it's important to remember LV now uses just coated silver metal for their hardware. It can peel and lose its gold color over time with anything rubbing against it. (Just think about what happens to an LV key cles over time when someone actually uses it for keys). We've all seen pictures where very quickly the gold color has worn off and it's all scratched. So you'll have peeling of the actual vernis leather where it attaches, but it also will (not may) scratch and discolor that gold color hardware at the handle where it's attached. Then if you want to use the bag with or without the charm, you're going to have more wear, and perment wear, to just one side of the bag. I permanently scratched the hardware on my Trevi with a charm on it for less than a week. LV no longer uses brass. It's relatively cheap coated metal. I no longer use any bag charms on a bag for all these reasons.

Also, people who know LV will recognize this charm as not being LV, but close enough in style to it to look inauthentic and may wonder about the authenticity of your bag when they see it which is also a reason I would skip it.

The biggest reason though is damage to the bag (scratches) and handles (peeling) which is very likely to happen and which will permanently ruin the bag. I paid close to $200 trying to repair the beginnings of pinprick peeling on a vernis zippy and I used it less than 15 times when that started on the edges. I was careful with it as well. I see vernis items all the time in pictures here on the forum that mention "small white dots.". Those white dots are peeling. It's the vernis actually peeling where the glaze has worn. This happens normally even being careful. Hanging a metal charm that is constantly shifting and rubbing against the glaze and finish will not only leave permanent scratches, but could cause peeling that is irreparable. I would take it off as soon as possible.

My SA said she saw a vernis alma MM totally ruined by a tappage charm. I wouldn't take the risk.


Aug 2, 2010
I wouldn't because it's a vernis alma. It stands out on its own without a charm. It's such a beautiful bag better left alone without a non lv charm.


Jan 11, 2008
No. I would worry about scratching the vernis.

Vernis Alma's are beautiful on their own. They don't need charms!


Mar 26, 2010
Interesting after reading Charleston-mom post because in mostly all the LV boutiques I go in and see the Vernis bags sitting on the shelf all have charms hanging on them. So since they give this advice then I wonder why do they showcase the bags with the charms. I would think that would encourage people to buy and add the charms because of how it was showcased in the store... Just confusing :smile:


Sep 20, 2011
I have a juicy couture bag charm hanging from my Westminster. I would post a pic if I could figure out how. For me if it's not an LV charm, then the other coy's insignia shouldn't be too obvious.


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Mar 23, 2008
I think it suits this alma - LV should come up with that kind of charm :tup: think about it - if they do you saved at least £100!