Would you paint on your LV Luggage?!! PICS!!

  1. In London, there is an interesting fashion boutique called Voyage Directed by Tatum & Rocky, on Conduit Street (just off Old Bond Street). Where they had these items in their shop window, I used my phone so I apologise for the quality. I"m pretty sure that the luggage is authentic, although I'm no expert:p

    How do you feel about these, does it inspire you to have your LV luggage painted on?:confused1:
    Alize CareBears1.jpg Grafiti Luggage1.jpg
  2. wow that looks interesting. i dont think i would bc i think i will get tired of looking at the painting after awhile
  3. Not just no... HECK no!!!
  4. why would you do that!
  5. oh boy...
  6. The painting doens't look bad itself, but definitely not on any LV bag.
  7. What? Is this their "specialty" or something? Taking old LV bags and painting on them? :confused1:
  8. Ugh, I don't even like the LOOKS of those.
    If I ever had anything painted I'd have LV itself do it.
  9. I am pretty sure the luggage on the first piece isn't authentic.

    But...I would so do this to my luggage...Maybe not care bears but I would get it painted on.....
  10. Pretty cute.
  11. It's interesting to see, but I'd neither buy something already painted nor ask for a design to go onto one of my own. :wondering:
  12. I wouldn't only because the paint would have a tendency to rub off easier because it's above the canvas and it's softer. I was considering getting my speedy 35 painted with stripes and my initials at the boutique. But when the manager showed me hers, there were a ton of rubb-offs. She's even anal about all her bags. So with luggage, it would be even worse since ya sorta throw it around more. On hard-sided luggage maybe and the design would have to be something I could live with.
  13. I love the Carebears, but I wouldn't want them painted onto my LV's!
  14. OMG
    (silent, can't find a word to say)
  15. I actually quite like it :tup::tup: