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  1. Bid against another TPF member to win a bag?

    Just for fun, what would you do if you saw a recognized member bidding, would you back off or go ahead and bid? Is there an unwritten rule, or is it every girl for herself?

  2. I suppose it's every girl for herself HOWEVER - if someone posted an 'authenticate this' thread and it looked good i wouldn't then go and bid on the auction - if they found it I think they deserve to win it!
  3. If it is a public auction and a bag you truly want, then bidding on it should be considered ethical.

    In all reality, if I know a tPF friend wanted that bag badly I would probably back away, waiting for another day.
  4. If I found the auction myself, I would definately bid if I wanted it.

    If I saw it posted in an "authenticate this" thread then I would back away.
  5. I think it's nice to look out for eachother. If a person finds a bag and posts about it, I think it is in poor taste to bid against them. It's just a sense of fair play. I get a kick when someone wins I bag that I know they have wanted from the beginning.
    I guess there is always an exception and the purse world can be a dog eat dog world but overall I try not to be a Dog.
  6. If it was known that a tpfer wanted a bag desparately, I would back off (if I didn't want it as much). =)
  7. If I knew that a certain pf'er was bidding on that bag and had stated in the forum that she was, then I would definately back off.
  8. if it was posted on the authenticate this thread, then i wouldn't bid on it...
  9. I agree with what everyone else has said.

    It has happened to me. I once posted about a bag in "authenticate this." Then, the PFer who helped me authenticate it, tipped off another PFer about the bag who ended up outbidding me at the last second! Oh well.
  10. I agree with everyone. It's sort of like a family here and we have to look out for eachother!:love:
  11. I would back off if I knew someone really wanted the bag.
  12. I agree with everyone that if someone posted a link to a bag they wanted to be authenticated before they bid, then I wouldnt bid. BUT... if someone posted a link in the 'Authentic finds- eBay or other retailer' then surely that person is sharing the link, so if I ended up bidding against other tPF-ers, then I wouldnt hold back, as the link was posted to share.
  13. No, I wouldn't bid on it. But I know people do it all the time. So much so that it makes me hesitant to authenticate things sometimes. I asked awhile ago if anyone saw a Bulga butterfly purse in plum to please PM me. Instead, someone replied in the thread about an auction on eBay (which I already had known about). I think if that person hadn't posted, I would have ended up paying a lot less since I suspect I bid against a few TPFers to get my bag. Sometimes you can get great deals on TPF, but sometimes, as in this case, it definitely went the other way.
  14. I would not do it knowingly. And definitely not if another TPF member posted about it.
  15. I think it would depend, if it's somebody I "know well" and I know it's her "holy"grail" I wouldn't bid against her but that would be the only situation in which I would abtain.