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  1. I'm contemplating I'm contemplating. There's a beautiful white leather wallet that I would like very much but I'm so afraid that it will just look like poo poo in a matter of weeks.
    I have the same wallet in a lovely brown and I love it so much that when I found it came in (gasp) white, I thought "oooh - summer!"
    I noticed that the brown one that I have even though I always carry it in my purse, has already started to show wear on the corners, just like any other wallet.....and it's a GOOD QUALITY wallet!!!

    It's lovely enough to be used as a clutch - she's splendid...and I thought maybe I should spray it with some TLC to protect it....but I don't know if it would be enough....

    The wallet is $150 plus shipping.....

    Does anyone have a white wallet here? Am I being foolish? Or should I take the plunge and go and get her?
  2. I have a white with gold over it wallet from kate spade. I love it! The only thing is the gold faded off and it gets dirty fast but I love it! I think you should go for it!
  3. White is like an automatic dirt magnet to me. I love it, but I can't stand it if it would get dirty.
  4. I have a MbMJ Lovely Zip Clutch in a creamy chalk color. The leather doesn't dirty easily but the fabric by the zipper does.
  5. I have a white coach wallet and it actually is pretty clean. Ive had it for about 2 years now and it only looks like a dirty and beat up from throwing it in my purse so much. I keep my lip gloss and pens in the zipper compartment of my bag though and don't carry makeup in my bags.
  6. i also have a white leather coach wallet, and I love it! I'm not nearly as good with white purses as i have been with this wallet!
  7. I would be to afraid to get a white wallet
  8. Ah, white kills me - I absolutely love how gorgeous and crisp anything white looks, but it's so hard to keep it looking that way. If you could still love it even when it's not pristine, you should get it.
  9. I have a white perforated wallet and it has gotten dirty quite easily.
  10. ^ITA. i think white wallets and agendas (i'm thinking LV vernis in Perle :girlsigh:) are so gorgeous but i never buy them because I just know that it will be a dirt/color magnet, and i'm pretty anal about stuff getting dirty. even if the inside of the purse is very clean, a lot of bags i own have darker colored fabric interiors, which will likely "bleed" onto lighter-color items.
  11. I don't own a white anything, lol. I know myself too well!
  12. I don't own a white wallet and probably will never own one just because I think it would get dirty too fast or I would be worried about setting it down anywhere besides in my purse... too much maintenance... JMO
  13. i wouldn't get one even though i think they are gorgeous. i would be to nervous of it getting dirty!!
  14. I love my white wallets! Yes, they can get dirty, but c'mon, who are we kidding? We all love to shop and I'm sure you'll have another wallet lined up when the white one gets too dirty.

    That's what I tell myself! :smile:

    BTW, I have a bone Gucci continental wallet that also comes in brown and black, but I wouldn't want it any other way! It's gorgeous! (and was a great gift from my bf).

    Good luck in your decision making!
  15. I don't have a white wallet, I'm to clumsy to take care of anything white, and I get very irritated if it get stains.