Home & Garden Would you move because of neighbors?

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Aug 7, 2008
I'm sad to say I'm seriously thinking about moving solely because of a couple of neighbors. In general, my neighborhood is nice in the sense that people keep to themselves. We don't have a HOA or any communal spirit at all. However, we do have a couple of grumpy older neighbors. I live in a townhouse, and at the end of my row there are a couple of houses with older people who are very particular about their yard and the grass in front of their cars. They've been hassling me about my dog because she sometimes pottys there (always picked up though). What I don't understand is why they're so particular about this public area (I'm pretty sure the strip of grass and the sidewalk do not belong to the homeowners but belongs to the county instead). I understand that they step in the grass, but don't they realize other animals (wild and domestic) go there too? I don't think townhouse living is suitable for people who want private yards and clearer property boundaries.

I know the simplest solution is to avoid walking my dog anywhere near these neighbors for the sake of "keeping the peace," but I just feel like the issues these grumpy neighbors are having just come with the territory of living in a neighborhood. Thus far, I've held my tongue and ignored these people whenever they b*tch, but I can't tell you how badly I wanted to tell my neighbor to f off lol.

So I'm really contemplating moving (to a single family home) to avoid living amongst moody neighbors. Would you ever do the same? Would you speak up to these neighbors or hold your tongue?

All opinions welcome, especially since DH and I have differing views on the situation.
Not open for further replies.