would you mix mc and monogram canvas?

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  1. I think mixing them are ok.
  2. I think mixing MC and Mono looks great, they both have vachetta to tie them together (plus the LV logos). I hate things too matchy-matchy. I have a cherry blossom cles that I wear with my regular Mono.

    Dont' think Damier and MC would go so well though.
  3. I personally don't like mixing monograms or patterns, but I love matching them with epi or vernis.
  4. Definently! I actually dont like too much mono at one time so mix it up! :smile:
  5. mix it up...I carry my vernis cles with my mono bags and MC bags...try it see how it looks and if you like it go for it....
  6. I would definitely mix and match!!!! I would only mix Monogram Multicolore with Monogram Canvas though...
  7. well i just love that little purse thingy. Its white mc and i have a mono papillon so i dunno, but its not too bad of a price 255$
  8. ^^^^ Are you comfortabel with having a weird shaped accessory hanging off of a barrell shaped bag? :shrugs:

    Have you considered a white MC Pochette Cles? :idea:

  9. ITA :yes::yes::yes:
  10. i thought it was cool. the mc cles is ok but if i were gonna get a cles i would just get the groom or the monogram canvas.
  11. I love to mix and match!
  12. I am carrying my Mono Speedy 25 today with my white MC Koala wallet. That wallet just goes with everything, though.
  13. Absolutely.. mix and match is so much fun!
  14. Yes, I mix everything...lots of different makes and models...it all works.