Would you mix "inspired" jewelry with designer jewelry?

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking at some gold earrings. I currently do not own a decent pair of earrings except for a pair of diamond studs. It is important that the earrings are comfortable and not too heavy. I really like these hinged hoops:


    The trouble is that I own and frequently wear the JUC ring from Cartier. It would make sense to buy the love earrings but honestly I do not like them as much as the unbranded ones above, never mind that they cost 10 times as much. I like that the unbranded ones look like real screws and have a brushed finish. Do you think they are too close to the love earrings and look like a bad knock off? I always try to steer clear of that. Would yo wear this inspired version with the JUC ring?

    The shop itself is trustworthy although the website does not look like it. I have visited their store on a weekend trip and since then bought Fope jewelry from them without any issues.

    Thank you so much for your advice!
  2. I noticed that no one really ask for the brand if its jewelry. Gold is gold!thats your jewelry why do you care what others will think. Its not the same as bags where people tend to ask the brand. In jewelry they would ask if its real gold or diamond etc but not the brand. Its your body, your money, your life you decide!
  3. Thanks for your answer! I think you are right regarding brand recognition of jewelry. I think I am more worried regarding whether the earrings can be viewed as knock offs, but the more I look at them the more I think that they look sufficiently different for me not to have qualms. I am not at all interested in the Cartier version, so there is that. I like the more industrial look.

    What I do not compromise on is gold or diamond quality. I made the mistake of buying a diamond where I had seen close up pictures of the flaws and had it made into a ring. You can not see it with the naked eye, but I know where the cloud is and it bothers me.
  4. The earrings look so pretty! Clarity too is important to me although most say it should be the cut that i should be morevparticular. I used to have a ring with a huge carbon in it! Its not really noticeable to others but it is to me and it bugs me
  5. I am not sure that I agree about people not noticing/caring about jewelry (as opposed to hand bags)with respect to branding.
    I see a lot of "inspired" VCA and would not feel comfortable with this for myself although I do agree that what matters most if how you feel about it. If you love the item, you should wear it with confidence/pride.
  6. Regarding VCA I completely agree. I do not understand why even many established designers feel the need to copy that design. I would either want the original or nothing at all. I feel a bit differently about more generic designs like Tiffanys DBTY however.

    Regarding the earrings I will sleep on it a bit more, but it is either the unbranded version I love or nothing for me.
  7. It’s completely subjective. What’s too close in design for some is completely different to others. I think it varies based on the piece with how it differs and how that appeals to me. I think a good baseline is would I have both in my collection and view them as two different pieces? And, to take it a step further, to your point, would I reach for one more frequently than the other?

    I kind of think Dior’s Rose des Vents line looks like it took inspiration from both Amulette de Cartier and VCA’s Alhambra: stationed, colored stones, circle shape, beaded metal edging, and a diamond center, but it didn’t give me pause before buying a piece. To me, it’s inspired, but distinct.
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  8. Maybe it depends on the state you are in. If you are surrounded with people who are into high end stuff then I guess they would mind the brand of the jewelry. I met this woman in toronto who was wearing this cartier love bangle. No one really ask her for the brand name of her bangle. I did notice it though because I know the brand. I have this david yurman ring and it always attracts attention attention but all they asked if its real gold. i have been wearing my trinity ring and no one even mind it. I was discussing to my frend my jewelries and I mentioned the price of my trinity ring and she asked why so expensive for a thin ring? I said because its cartier and she said cartier what? Lol
  9. I mix everything all the time. I wear my high end pieces with no-name stuff I buy at TJ Maxx all the time. I don't worry about it. I live in a small, working class community in Wisconsin, so most people don't know about designer jewelry anyway. If they compliment me, it just because they think it's pretty.
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