Would you miss your time of pregnancy?

  1. Thanks!!
  2. I also loved being pregnant! It was a great time for me and even though there were some discomforts, for the most part I felt great! You really have to ask yourself if you are prepared for the baby once he/she is born!! Pregnancy is only a very short amount of time!!
  3. You should absolutely NOT have a baby because you miss being pregnant. A pregnancy is temporary, but a baby/child is forever. You make a decision about whether or not to have a baby based on whether or not you want another child. I know it's not an easy choice. Think about your family and what you want out of it. For me, I was happy with two children and I had a boy and a girl. My family felt complete, even though I missed being pregnant. I also felt that my family life was pretty crazy at times (my two children were born only 15 1/2 months apart, so it was a LOT of work) and I felt that adding another baby would only add to the craziness, which felt unfair to everyone involved.
  4. You are not crazy. I'm the same way. I just had my fourth (!) and I am having a hard time realizing I'll never be pregnant again; never feel baby's movements; never feel the rush & nervousness of labor & delivery, etc. I am savoring every moment with DD#4 but I absolutely understand how you feel.
  5. Ya, i'm with you. Sometimes i feel sad when i feel that i might not get pregnant again :p But i can't picture myself of having 4 kids though, maximum for me is 3 kids, and i'm still debating about it. :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for your advice. I'm having 2 boys now, i don't know whether if i have a boy and a gal, would like still wanna try no 3 or not :smile: Anyway, if i really try for no 3 now, i'm really fine for either having a boy again or a gal as a bonus to me :graucho:
  7. My first pregnancy was super easy, I would do it over again. My newborn was hell on earth (started sleeping through the night at 19 months, on most nights, colic/reflux etc).

    My second pregnancy was horrible, bed rest (with a toddler), constant bleeding for months and then lost it. So much stress (physically I felt okay but the stress of not knowing if it would survive was awful, and then when she died, it was hard to tell people).

    All pregnancies and babies are different. It's OKAY to love being pregnant or have a newborn. I hate newborns (sorry, haha) but loved being pregnant with a healthy baby. But I wouldn't do it again for just a pregnancy/newborn, that time is so brief. If you love newborns, maybe consider being a temporary foster parent? My friend is infertile but does this because she loves babies so much. She cares for infants seized by the state. Emotionally difficult but a noble thing for someone who loves babies. Those babies don't get much love to begin with so they need it.
  8. ^WOW that must be so hard! What a special person she must be!!!

    I am at 18 weeks (+ a couple of days) and think that I am just starting to enjoy being pregnant. Right now I love my cute little belly and I have so far had a relatively easy pregnancy and can not wait for my next ultrasound! That said ask me again in a couple of months and I am sure that my opinion will have changed and I will likely be miserable lol! And at this point I am definetely only planning on having one and don't think I will change my mind or want to do it all over again.
  9. i miss walking around not sucking in my stomach
  10. My pregnancy was so awful.. I certainly dont miss it at all but the 2nd time around, I think I will try to enjoy it a lot more.
  11. Definitely one of the benefits of being pregnant!! :p

    Though I suffered from morning (all-day) sickness for the first trimester and had some nasty pains toward the end, I'm definitely looking forward to being pregnant again. I love having my son here now, but I really enjoyed the experience and excitement. That being said, my son is only six months old...I don't know that my response would be the same if he older. I want to have my children close together in age because if I know myself and my husband, once we move onto the next stage, there's no turning back!
  12. Well I def loved being pregnant & missed it but thats all over b/c I'm due w baby #2
  13. Congratulations Chantilly0379!

    My little baby is 3 weeks old and I love her so much!! I loved being pregnant, but my newborn is so much better!!! :love:

    Hubby and I want to have another baby in about three years. :yes:
  14. i loved being pregnant the first time and wanted to do it right away again. second time was ok but I was happy having had the experience. now I am pregnant to have the child if you know what I mean, although I find that I am enjoying it again being pregnant. as everyone else said, it is about the child at the end of the day.
  15. It's such a magical experience....specially seeing her during ultra sounds...but this pregnancy is a bit traumatic for me....totally diff than when I had my first child...I told my husband that I can no longer endure another pregnancy...he is sad but he will just have to understand, he knows very well how fragile I am...I got hospitalized and I get sick very often...I mean It's totally unfair to the baby to suffer having an unhealthy mother like me, Im amazed for those who miss their pregnancy, I salute you ladies.